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 Readme for:  Utility » Filetool » workbenchexplorer.lha

Workbench Explorer

Description: Modern file browser loaded with features
Download: workbenchexplorer.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 2Mb
Version: 2.0
Date: 03 May 2018
Author: Mark Ritter
Submitter: Mark Ritter
Email: mritter0/gmail com
Homepage: http://www.mritter0.com
Category: utility/filetool
Replaces: utility/filetool/workbenchexplorer.lha
License: Other
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.1
FileID: 10580
Comments: 19
Snapshots: 5
Videos: 0
Downloads: 172  (Current version)
1253  (Accumulated)
Votes: 23 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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A better way to browse drawers

Workbench Explorer (WEx) is a modern file browser loaded with the features
you are used to, but also with several new functions/features no other file
browser has.

I hate writing manuals, but do read the included the AmigaGuide and Office
compatible doc file.

In Preferences->Installed tab there is a list of items that will add extra
functionality if they are installed.

Turn on Preview pane to:
     * View images
	 * Read text files
	 * View GIF anims
	 * Play MP3s

The purpose of Commodity Mode is to have WEx started at boot up
(WBStartup) and will be running in the background.  Then using the
hotkey (default: LAmiga + E) it will open.  Closing the window will ony
hide the interface.

###### [2.0 build 7510] - 2018-05-02
### Added
- About window now shows the support email address.

### Fixed
- Bug in a listbrowser gadget snuck in at the very last minute when opening
on own screen.
- Information window was not opening on WEx's screen.

###### [2.0 build 7500] - 2018-05-01		One year anniversary release!!!
### Added
- Preferences->Window->Menu image size.
For normal (24x24) or more compact (16x16) menus.
- WHDLoad game support.  You have to enable the support and specify the root
drawer of the games in Preferences->Icons.  Expect to see less details when
in the games drawers; the icons are not OS4 friendly.
The game icon is shown on the .slave file.  Double-clicking the slave file
will act as if you double-clicked the game icon on Workbench, so no settings
are lost.  RunInUAE will start and load the game.
All view styles are supported for showing the game icon, and will also show in
the icon thumbnail and Preview panes.
If "Process .info files automatically" is turned off you still have to double
click the slave file to launch the game.
- The path is highlighted in the Navigation pane and follows you around.
- Preferences->FTP Sites now has a full editor on the page instead of using
requester windows.
- Preferences->FTP Sites->Port.  Default 21.
- Preferences->FTP Sites->Timeout.  Default 120. ---Currently not available---
- Preferences->FTP Sites->Anonymous.
- Preferences->FTP Sites->Password. ---Currently not available---
- Preferences->FTP Sites->Remote drawer.
Enter your custom starting drawer, or leave blank for root.
- New column for FTP Sites, Remote drawer.
- Preferences->Window->Open on own screen.
Iconify and Jump To Screen are not available when on own screen.
- If multiple tabs are open at the same path and a DOS change is made in one,
the others are set to refresh when switch to them.
- Preview Text is now a texteditor.gadget.  This allows highlighting of text
and copying it to the clipboard via Right-Amiga+C.  This is the only function
available in read only mode.
NOTE: In order to use the mouse scroll wheel you have to click on the text
editor gadget first.  Then click on content listbrowser to get focus back to
- Preferences->Preview->Text files->Use default font
Preferences->Preview->Text files->Font.
Default "DejaVu Sans.font",14.
Specify the font for Preview Text and the EXIF data panes.

### Fixed
- Filenotes were lost when switch view style or sorting.
- User Buttons command paths are now encased in quotes when use the file
picker in Preferences->User Buttons.  Else you have to add your own quotes if
there are spaces in the path name.
- When deleting a drawer that is open on Workbench, it is now closed first
then attempted to be deleted.
- The buffer for making multiple new drawers was not cleared correctly.
- Rename, Filenote, Set Protection, New Drawer functions updated.
- Search results could possibly select wrong item type.
- OS4Depot Recent and Aminet Recent are now always sorted by date in reverse.
- "Put away" was disabled incorrectly on toolbar.
- Workbench sorting.
- Information was disabled when at FTPMount: and a site(s) was selected.
- FTP sites history trail path was not set correctly.
- Typing in "FTP Sites" in path gadget was not working.
- Path bug in Paste when keeping multiple copies or rename.
- Another path bug in Paste.
- Paste didn't always set the filenote and protection bits.
- Eliminated the flicker of gadget updates.
- Device driver was not retrieved correctly after a change a few versions ago.
- When pasting to a network share or FTPMount: protection, comment and date
are no longer attempted to be set.  It usually caused errors.
- Preferences->Toolbar not moving correct item up/down.
- The top node is correctly remembered when switch tabs, reload a drawer, or
change history location.

### Changed
- After an "Extract to default path" the source path is no longer reloaded.
- After a rename the drawer is no longer reloaded.  The list is just sorted
and rebuilt.
- After adding a filenote the drawer is no longer reloaded.  The list is just
sorted and rebuilt.
- After setting protection bits the drawer is no longer reloaded.  The list
is just sorted and rebuilt.
- After adding a new drawer the drawer is no longer reloaded.  The new drawer
is added to the list, sorted and rebuilt.
-After setting a file's date the drawer is no longer reloaded.  The list is
just sorted and rebuilt.
- Workbench AppIcons are no longer shown when at Workbench.
- Preview Text is now a texteditor.gadget.
- Simplified Computer and Device Previews.
- Preview Device does not show Device Driver and Device Unit lines for devices
that don't have them. (ie, RAM:)
- Minimum height of Preview Pane increased to 175 to prevent clipping.
- When iconify a sound/MP3 or animation will keep playing, images are not
cleared, text files are not cleared, etc.
- When open a sub-window the Preview Pane is not cleared, but actions are
paused/stopped.  MP3s and other sounds can be resumed if using the
Enhancer Pack datatypes.
- When pasting to FTPMount: the available free space is not checked anymore.

### Removed
- The filenote was being added to the icon, if it had one.
- Protection bits are no longer automatically set for the owner's icon.
- Separate Workbench sorting column.  Same as Content.
- Preferences->FTP Sites->Add, no longer uses the multiple requesters.
- FTPMount: from devices list (but still checked for).  Does not work properly
on most systems.  You will have to add your sites to Preferences->FTP Sites.
- Iconify and Jump To Screen are not available when on own screen.



smbfs 1.102 does not seem to work reliably when pasting to a NAS drive.
Revert to smbfs 1.74 until an update is made to smbfs.


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