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 Readme for:  Utility » Filetool » diskmaster2.lha


Description: DiskMaster2 for OS4
Download: diskmaster2.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 282kb
Version: 2.7beta11
Date: 04 Mar 2007
Author: Rudolph Riedel, Jody Tierney
Submitter: Rudolph Riedel
Email: rudolph riedel/t-online de
Requirements: AmigaOS4 final
Category: utility/filetool
Replaces: utility/filetool/diskmaster2.lha
License: Emailware
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.0
FileID: 2607
Comments: 9
Snapshots: 2
Videos: 0
Downloads: 1132  (Current version)
1882  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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It's almost ten years now since I took over the DiskMaster2 development.
The first version I released was 2.2b1 and has a file-date of 1997-03-20.

Time flies.

This is beta 11 of DiskMaster 2.7 and it's still beta because
the 68k version still does not work properly.

If you feel like DiskMaster2 deserves support for your language
then please have a look at the supplied file DiskMaster2_empty.ct.
You only need to fill in the blanks and send me that file
and I will build the .catalog file from it for you.

Well, there are still outstanding issues anyways,
this is not the final version.
For example the string-gadget history does not work
yet for the path gadgets.

The old configurations still do work with this release.
About the only thing that is obsolete now is the alternative
set of colors for the command-window-buttons.

When DiskMaster2 looks a little strange to you when you start
it for the first time please keep in mind that DiskMaster2
is highly adjustable and that what you see is only a default setup!

You can arrange the windows, if you like to open a lot more in addition.
You can set the colors, pens and fonts.
The menu is completely under user-control as are the commands
in as many command-windows you like to have.
The information displayed in the screen-title can be changed
to meet your needs as well as what is displayed in the window-titles.
The display of directory contents can be configured to display
the name, size, comment, protection-bits, date and time-stamps
in any order you like with three modes of display for the sizes.
Sorting the display is possible by name, size, date, comment,
file-extension and lenght-of-name plus reverse-order.

Work in progress...

Okay, some release-notes for the differences
between 2.6 and 2.7:

- Reaction GUI with modifications to allmost all source-code modules.

- Bugfix: PrintDir() no longer expects a filename as first argument
          since it was not even using it.
- Bugfix: changing a comment only triggered a re-sort if the sort-mode
          was sort-by-size -> changed that to sort-by-comment.
- Bugfix: Text-files with trailing PC line-feeds ($0D $0A) caused a visit
          from the GrimReaper under OS4 because memory was read
          from address "buffer-2".
          Thanks for reporting to Javier de las Rivas!

- 'SetX' option "drag_delay" removed as beeing obsolete.
- Made the 'Find' opened window a little higher and moved it a little down.
- Redefined "Day" to "Date" and removed "Month" and "Year" options
  in 'SetFormat'.
- Implemented V52 DOS dir-scanning
- Since ExamineDir() always reports "-1" for the filesize of a directory
  and not "0" for most filesystems or the number of blocks used as with CD-FS,
  the size is only printed when it is above "0" now after
  checking the size of a dir.
  This means that CD based dirs do not have sizes displayed anymore.
- The Reader has it's own font now and it's fixed-width only.
- 'PrintDir' almost rewritten to take the data from the ListBrowser lists.
- Updated localisation.
- The lister are read-only now during operations.
- "LISTBROWSER_AutoFit, TRUE," is used every time a list is
  attached to a ListBrowser.
- Changed most Examine() calls to ExamineObjectTags() calls for the OS4 build.
- Reworked 'Iconify' to not depend on the build-in icon and to just quit when
  the system could not even supply a default-icon.
- Changed 'SaveConfig' to use a default project-icon instead of the build-in.
- Removed the old 4-color build-in icon.
- Replaced FORMAT_DOS by FORMAT_DEF in the file-exists-requester
  with the result that the displayed dates are correctly localised now.
- Changed 'FileStat' to use ExamineObject() for the OS4 build and therefore
  made it fit for 64 bit file-sizes.
- The windows are set to busy now during directory-load.
- The alternative color-set for the commands is no longer saved.
- Removed the "*" from the paths of the default config.
- Changed the appearance of "Delete" in the default config.
- Changed the CON: windows in the default config from 640x180 to 800x200.
- Re-arranged the default command-window commands a bit.
- New "Help" entry in default main menu displays "PROGDIR:DiskMaster2.guide".
- Before going a level up or down the file-pattern is cleared now.
- Added a call to ClearScreen() for the OS4 build after opening
  a new screen as workaround for the problem that P96
  does seem to fail to do so itself by default.

- New feature: AmiUpdate-support by saving an env-var.
- New feature: window-activation by RMB and mousewheel-events.
- New feature: when pressing an alpha-numeric key for which no keyboard-command
               is defined the lister will jump to the first file which name
               begins with the character representing that key.
- New feature: Implemented parent-by-click-on-border (05.30).

- Preferences: Removed the second color option for the cmd-window commands.
- Preferences: made the window a bit higher overall.
- Preferences: Fix: Selecting an entry from the list of pens resulted
                    in garbage beeing displayed in the statusbar.
- Preferences: Fix: Instead of "Commands" a title of the auto-commands lister
                    was labeled "Title".
                    Thanks for Javier de las Rivas for the report!
- Preferences: Fix: The palette-gadget for the background-color was falsely
                    indicating the same entry as the palette-gadget
                    for the foreground-color.
- Preferences: Added simple mouse-wheel support.


- Quite some fixes to the 68k build still did not result in a
  fully working binary, this requires some more workarounds.

- Modified the formula to calculate the default width's and position's
  for the windows to better scale to different screen dimensions.
  Thanks to Colin Ward for pointing out that there is problem!

- Command-window paths are now set to the command-file used
  or in case non is used to "S:DiskMaster2.prefs".
  Thanks to Colin Ward for reminding me to fix this!

- Fix: a change to the OS4 version of 2.7b9 of 'Rename' caused files
       to disappear from the list when renamed when volume-names
       were used for the paths instead of device-names.
       Thanks to Colin Ward and Arkadiusz Hucko for the reports!

- Fix: resolving links was not working with the OS4 dir-scanner.

- Updated a few chapters of the DiskMaster2.guide.

Bug reports and input on enhanced useability are very welcome!

Have fun - Rudolph

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