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 Readme for:  Graphics » Convert » ssbuilder.lha


Description: SSBuilder
Download: ssbuilder.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 105Mb
Version: 1.0
Date: 26 Jan 2012
Author: birkenfeldgeobiz.de
Submitter: Thomas Blatt(tommysammy)
Email: iBatch/web de
Homepage: http://www.geobiz.de/ibatch.html
Requirements: AmigaOS4.1 and iBatch You need also the png.iconmodule to see all new icons
Category: graphics/convert
License: Other
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.0
FileID: 6852
Comments: 2
Snapshots: 3
Videos: 0
Downloads: 114  (Current version)
114  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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addslideshow (-plugin for iBatch 1.1 or better)
Enables you to view any imagedirectory as slideshow on Amiga OS 3.x (RTG
required), Amiga OS 4.x, MS Windows,Mac OS and AROS. You can choose wether you
want a "self playable" Slideshow or a "navigateable" (next, previous and exit
buttons) Imagviewer. Furthermore there are different "Looks" available.
"Addslideshow" can be used as standalone programme or in conjunction with
iBatch. It can utilize #?.cmnt (comment) files generated by iBatch's

- usable as standalone or as iBatch "afterprocess-plugin" - provides
slideshowplayers for different platforms: Amiga OS3.x, Amiga OS4.x, MS Windows,
Mac OS and AROS.
- select "self playable" slideshow or
- a "navigateable" (next, previous and exit buttons) imagviewer
- different slideshowplayer available:
    - SlideAndFly player: Images will "fly" in and put on a "stack" afterwards  
  - static player: Images will be displayed inside a frame     - basic player:
just images will be displayed without any "eyecandy"     - slideview viewer:
navigation buttons, images will be displayed in a frame     - basicview viewer:
navigation buttons, just images without any "eyecandy" - different transition
effects selectable - different backgrounds/wallpapers for "static" and
"SlideAndFly" player.
- different resolutions available - fullscreen or window mode - different
scaling options - different frames and navigation buttons choosable - "Intro
text" can be shown before slideshow starts - subtitles can be displayed for
every image (uses #?.cmnt files generated by iBatch's "addcomment-plugin")

Make sure, wizard.library is there, check www.geobiz.de/ibatch.html for
downloadlinks ! After installation enter correct tooltype for
"addslideshow-plugin" Icon in case you are using OS4.x:


in order to speed up previewfunction on OS4.x Systems.

copy "Addslides" directory to your HD ! In case you want to switch off
bubblehelp, edit "ibatch.prefs" with a texteditor (corresponding line
in prefs file is commented !)

as iBatch Plugin
Start iBatch (!!) and execute installer script "install_as_plugin"

Doubleclick on "addslideshow-plugin". Choose an image directory. Inside the
listview select "staticshow" (for a start...).
As resolution type in "640x480" or select this resolution inside your
Click "preview-button" on left side (next to "use intro" gadget). A Requester
will pop up, stating that defaults values will be used. Click "OK".
Before you click "GO" choose one or more targetsystems.
Inside your chosen dir you will find "slideshow.#?" executeable (#?.exe, #?.os4,
Doubleclick executable's Icon and enjoy.

Detailed Reference

setting name
All settings made inside "Addslideshow" GUI can be saved inside
../addslideshow/settings/ if you press "Save Settings". When "Addslideshow" will
be started from CLI or via iBatch, you can pass settings filename as optional

1. cyclegadget
Choose between "fullscreen" and "window" mode for your slideshow

2. cyclegadget
Choose between "slideshow mode" (selfplaying slideshow) or "slideviewer mode"
(navigateable viewer with navigation buttons).

Choose slideshowplayer here. "Basic" ones are designed to run on minimum speced
RTG systems. SlideAndFly will be quiet slow even on SAM440 700Mhz Systems
(Resolutions greater than 640x480), but great on higher speced AROS, Win or Mac

Select screenresolution for resulting slideshow

Depending on your resolution you can select different backgrounds/wallpapers.
Keep in mind, that not every slideshowplayer will display the chosen wallpaper
(basicview and basicshow will not display them). In order to view all available
backgrounds click on previewbutton next to resolution (!) textgadget. If you
just want to view selected wallpaper, press previewbutton next to "background"

Select an imageframe (basicview and basicshow will not display image frames,

In case you chose "slideviewer mode" in 2nd cyclegadget, you can choose
different looking navigation buttons.

Determine transition effect for your slideshow. Depending on your target
platform, you may have to choose "light" transition effects.
Especially 68k Systems tend to slow down if you choose e.g. "Crossfade" or other
"heavy" effects.

width and height: image will be scaled to fit your image frame/window or screen

only height: only height will be scaled, sides will be cut off (This is O.K. for
4:3 images on 4:3 screenresolutions, or 16:9 images on 16:9 screenresolutions)

no upscaling: images smaller than your display area will not be upscaled, images
greater than your display area will be downscaled to fit display area.

use intro
In case you decided to use "slideshow mode" you can display "introtext" before
slideshow starts. Click on ">>" in order to open a texteditor. Here you can
enter text and fontsize for your "intro".

preview button
This will show a preview of your slideshow with "default" images. If you are
using a Amiga OS4.x System please set "Addslideshow-plugin" tooltype to
"PF=os4". This will speedup your preview.

State how long each image should be displayed.

Target Systems:
Addslideshow will copy "slideshowplayers" for each targetsystem into chosen

slideshow.68k: executeable for Amiga OS 3.x 68k Systems with RTG (e.g. UAE)
slideshow.os4: executeable for Amiga OS 4.x PPC Systems
slideshow.exe: executeable for Windows 32bit Systems
slideshow.aros: executeable for AROS x86 Systems
slideshow_Mac-86.app: App dir for Macintosh x86 Systems
slideshow_MacPPC.app: App dir for PPC Macintosh

Donnot take any action, donnot add any files towards your chosen directory.

Save Settings
Save checked and entered options into a file (filename given in textgadget
"setting name:")

More Details
These files will be added to your chosen image directories:

Your chosen wallpaper. It must be there, as slideshowplayer determines
screenresolution via this file.
However you can replace this file manually with any other image file, resulting
in another screenresolution.

slideshow.os4, slideshow.exe,... :
Actual slideshowplayer. Extension depends on targetsystem. Can be renamed expect
for Mac OS executables/app dirs.

slideshow.os4.info, slideshow.aros.info,....
Those icon files are very important, as they can hold a tooltype which can be
changed afterwards:


Enter/delete this in tooltypes, if you do/donnot want fullscreen slideshow.

As windows doesn't have tooltype enter:

"fakefullscreen=true" into this textfile. Remember to rename this textfile also,
in case you rename "slideshow.exe"

Graphicfile holding chosen Image frame (png file with Alpha Channel)

east, west, quit
In case "slideviewer mode" was chosen, these are your buttons.

This is a little textfile which will be used by any slideshowplayer, it holds
infos on scalingmode, delaytime and transition Effect. It's a commented
textfile, just open it and edit if you want. In case you are not satisfied with
selectable transition effects, you could enter any other "Hollywood" Transition
Effect here:

In case you have chosen "slideshow mode" and entered an "intro text" you will
not find sssettings ! Those informations will be saved inside intro.cmnt.
Furthermore intro.cmnt textfile also holds introtext/-fontsizes.

Different ways of starting addslideshow-plugin
Addslideshow-plugin can be easily used as standalone. It will be fully
functional. But it can also be started via iBatch or iBatch's Workflowmanager.

via Workbench
Doubleclick on  "addslideshow-plugin" and choose at least resolution and the
directory where "slideshow capability" should be added (directory where
slideshowplayer should be copied to).

via Shell with optional arguments
Firstoffall set stacksize to 10.000:

> stack 10000
> addslideshow-plugin outdir sourcedir [argumenttable]

directory where slideshow functionallity should be added/slideshowplayer will be
copied to

this is here for compatibility reasons, you can state any dir

pass a textfile situated in ../addslideshow/settings (iBatch user =
to addslideshow-plugin. This textfile holds settings. It will therefore be used
for selecting, ticking and filling addslideshow-plugin gadgets with predefined


> addslideshow-plugin work-1:pics ram: "addslideshow -test"

Slideshowplayer will be copied to "Work-1:pics", values (e.g. delaytime,
transition effect, resolution,...) will be retrieved from
.../addslideshow/settings/test. (iBatch users:

via iBatch
Addslideshow-plugin can also be used as iBatch "Afterprocess Plugin". You can
automatically execute the program after iBatch converted/turned and renamed your
images. In order to start addslideshow-plugin you have to define a corresponding
"conversion profile":

1) Goto Tab "3) conversion profile" and press "new" in order to define a new
conversion profile 2) in "after processing..." section choose
"IMB:Plugins/addslideshow-plugin" as plugin 3) save your profile and exit 4)
press "START" and wait for addslideshow-plugin GUI to appear

via iBatchs Workflowmanager (workflow-plugin)
Workflow-plugin is an iBatch plugin, which can start multiple other plugins.
In most cases, you might want to comment/subtitle your images before you create
a slideshow. In this case select "addcomment-plugin" as first step and
"addslideshow-plugin" as second step.

Support is free: ibatchweb.de
Suggestions and translation always wellcome

This version have new OS4.1 icons from tommysammy(Thomas Blatt)

Copyright © 2004-2024 by Björn Hagström All Rights Reserved