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 Readme for:  Game » Misc » uqm.lha


Description: Port of Ur-Quan Masters
Download: uqm.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 2Mb
Version: 0.7.0r3
Date: 22 Oct 2020
Author: See AUTHORS file
Submitter: Fredrik Wikström
Email: fredrik/a500 org
Homepage: http://sc2.sourceforge.net
Category: game/misc
Replaces: game/misc/uqm.lha
License: GPL
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.1
FileID: 11452
Comments: 6
Snapshots: 2
Videos: 0
Downloads: 96  (Current version)
835  (Accumulated)
Votes: 1 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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This is a port of the latest 0.7.0 version. Thanks to Juha Niemimäki for the
original ur-quan masters port (I'm using a modified version of his uqm 0.4.0
build system for this port).

Netplay (new 0.6.x feature) has not been compiled into this version due to
various issues with the getting the network code to compile.


1. Unpack to harddrive

2. Download .uqm content files from here:


Install uqm-0.7.0-content.uqm into content/packages and the other two files in
content/addons (NOTE: install the .uqm files as is, DO NOT UNPACK THEM!).

3. Double-click the icon to run the game

AmigaOS port changes:

0.7.0r3 (22.10.2020)
- Fixed transposed memset parameters in AIFF decoder.
- Changed back to using static libraries instead of shared objects.
- Reenabled openal support.
- Recompiled with gcc 8.4.0 and updated support libraries (SDL, mikmod,
  openal, etc.).

0.7.0r2 (13.3.2013)
- Disabled openal support because it was causing crashes here.
- Now built using shared objects.

--- From the original readme file:

You're looking at the readme for 'The Ur-Quan Masters', a volunteer
project that intends to bring the classic game 'Star Control II' to
modern systems.

The program code that comprises 'The Ur-Quan Masters' was derived from code
written by Toys for Bob, Inc. for the 3DO version of 'Star Control II', with
their permission and encouragement.

If you've got this file from the source tree, you can find everything
you need to get started in INSTALL (INSTALL.mingw for Mingw) and

The home page of the project is located at http://sc2.sourceforge.net/
You can find links to downloads, our bug database, and our forum there.

Have fun!

Star Control II is a registered trademark of Accolade, Inc.
All other trademarks and tradenames belong to their respective owners.


Changes towards version 0.7:
- Build with debug info in strict-debug mode (bug #1127), from Scott A. Colcord
- Added spoken Slylandro probe coordinates (bug #732) - Nic, Alex
- Added the missing bits to the no-voice versions of Mycon, Syreen and
  Utwig dialogue (bug #327) - Alex
- Syreen dialog tree no longer resets after visiting the Syreen Vault
  for the very first time (bug #891) - Alex
- Fixed lander report at the Syreen Vault inconsistency (bug #1121) - Alex
- Added lander reports for Supox ruins and Ultron. The reports text
  is new content from TFB. (bug #1120) - Alex
- Fixed 'caster comm with Ilwrath after they die off (bug #850) - Alex
- Fixed Syreen Vault lander report infinite loop (bug #1118) - Alex
- Same captain names are used on both net sides (bug #989) - Alex
- Fixed sync loss in netplay games having duplicate ships (bug #1081) - Alex
- Fixed loading of melee.cfg (bug #1099) - Alex
- Fixed the 64KB size limitation on key-value files (bug #1112) - Alex
- Update download paths for the new SourceForge File Release system - Michael
- Fix UAC issues with installer for cleaner Vista/Win7 installs - Michael
- Fixed compilation with Netplay disabled (bug #1091), from Sze Howe Koh
- Fixed ship picking order after a simultaneous destruction, e.g.
  Shofixti picks last after Glory device (bugs #1087, #1088) - Alex
- Game no longer locks up after quickly escaping melee (bug #1003) - Alex
- Reset input delay upon leaving Supermelee (bug #1022) - Alex
- Properly account for simultaneous destruction of last ships
  in each fleet in Supermelee (bug #437) - Alex
- Do not match singular stars when given a prefix in star search
  (bug #1071) - Alex
- Preserve character case when editing with joystick (bug #1080) - Alex
- Fixed misaligned cargo count (bug #1092) - Coredev
- Fixed the network SuperMelee team configuration protocol - SvdB
- Fixed fuel reserve bounds checks - SvdB
- Fixed a crash when filling fuel tanks over 10 (bug #1082) - Alex
- Got rid of many warnings - SvdB
- Clean up and some refactoring of the SuperMelee code - SvdB
- Fixed concurrent screen fades regression (bug #1079) - Alex
- Removed some legacy source code files related to resources - SvdB
- Put SuperMelee source files in separate subdirectory - SvdB
- Added additive and alpha drawing modes to graphics lib - Alex
- Fixed black pixel gaps between the planet and shield when entering the
  orbit of a shielded planet (bug #32) - Alex
- Split off SDL-specific colormap bits into SDL domain - Alex
- Fixed planet blinking when exiting scan (bug #799) - Alex
- Restore menu sounds after editing a control set name (bug #1066) - Alex
- Use an own 'UniChar' rather than 'wchar_t', which may not be large
  enough, depending on the platform - SvdB
- Added 'COLOR' resource type - SvdB
- All graphics operations use 24-bits colors at the game level too now,
  instead of 16 bits colors. - SvdB
- Cross-platform safemode (ignores uqm.cfg, bug #946) - Michael
- Correct Chmmr response when asking about Sa-Matra (bug #1073) - Alex
- Refactored universe generation - SvdB
- Comm animation processing rewrite, bugs fixed - Alex
- Added graphics context debugging function - SvdB
- Thread down-throttling and game sleep when inactive (currently disabled),
  (bug #1070), from Flandry
- Internal changes: GOOD_GUY/BAD_GUY ship flags retired - Alex
- Fixed Melee menu timeout when both sides are Cyborgs (bug #1067) - Alex
- Fixed AI ship not moving on warp in (bug #648) - Alex
- Revert gfx settings entirely when a mode switch fails (bug #1056) - Alex
- Fixed the Syreen lights-out scene timing (bug #1011) - Alex
- Added a native error box for MacOSX (like we have for Windows) - Alex
- Fix for weird colors problem on MacOSX w/ SDL 1.2.14; also improves
  overall compatibility on all platforms - Alex
- Unix build system cleanups, fix detection of SDL, libmikmod, pthread - SvdB
- Make DoPopupWindow() work over faded out screens. - SvdB
- Trackplayer rewrite; fixed many bugs - Alex
- Source tree reorg: libs/ moved out of sc2code/, msvc++/ moved to
  build/msvc6/, src/sc2code/ renamed to src/uqm/ - Coredev
- Druuge no longer turn hostile after attempting a salvage (bug #1013) - Alex
- Process subtitles correctly with no timestamp file (bug #1060) - Alex
- Lander will no longer hang when killed on planets with a lot of
  natural disasters (bug #584) - Alex
- Canceling load from the main menu returns to main menu (bug #679) - Alex
- Fixed inputting numbers with the numpad, except directx (bug #934) - Alex
- Better location description in savegame summaries (bug #844) - Alex
- Fixed crash when saving a game into the last slot while having
  too many devices on board - Alex
- Allow any sound data format to be graphed by comm oscilloscope; also
  auto-adjust the scope for different gain levels (bug #1064) - Alex
- Game settings Quit menu now delegates to F10 quit (bug #462) - Alex
- Do not pause the game in places where not relevant (bug #984) - Alex
- Fixed crashes and potential weirdness when loading savegames from
  a Homeworld encounter screen (bug #997) - Alex
- Cleanup of GLOBAL(ShipStamp.frame) abuse; fixes bug #1054 - Alex
- Game attempts to exit cleanly under normal circustances (bug #52) - Alex
- Fixed Mmrnmhrm's X-Form transformation without energy use (bug #1004) - Alex
- Added missing sleeps in DoInput() functions (bug #893) - Alex
- Starmap unit conversion corrections; fixes bug #970 - Alex
- Rounding-error correction in log(x|y)ToUniverse (bug #1046), from Nic
- Change hardcoded Starbase and Sa-Matra values to pretty enum values
  (bug #1047), from Nic
- Load override.cfg from user's dir to add or override menu controls - Alex
- Allow addons to override any content by placing zips into their
  'shadow-content' dir - Alex
- Content reorg: font chars now use hexadecimal numbering - Alex
- Content reorg: some race comm and ships renamed, ship files renamed,
  many ani files renamed, new naming scheme for ani frames and voice - Alex
- .cfg files are now kept as subtrees of the resource map - Michael
- Flight control data no longer unnecessarily copied to config directory -
- Index loading/saving now can operate on subtrees - Michael
- Videos vs. slide now controlled by a '3dovideo' addon - Michael
- New video resource type for 3DO videos - Michael
- Allow reaching 999.9:999.9 in HyperSpace (bug #628), from Nic
- Use system getopt_long() when available - SvdB
- Added --addondir commandline option - Mika
- Case insensitive matching when looking for .zip/.uqm/.rmp files - SvdB
- Added read-ahead buffering when reading zip index files. - SvdB
- Added support for packed ani and font files - Mika
- DrawTracedText abstraction (bug #1029), from Nic
- Experimental support for Symbian S60 3rd edition - Mika & SvdB
- Pthread support - Mika
- Content Dirs completely reorganized; 3DO and PC segregation - Coredev
- Voiceovers controlled by a synthetic '3dovoice' addon - Michael
- CONVERSATION explicitly names text/voice/timestamps - Michael
- Replaced stricmp() by the POSIX compatible strcasecmp() - SvdB
- Split STRTAB further into STRTAB and CONVERSATION - Michael
- INT32, BOOLEAN, and STRING resource types - Michael
- UNKNOWNRES is now safe to load, and "loads" as its resvalue - Michael
- CODE is now SHIP, and uses an integer descriptor instead of a one-byte
  .cod file - Michael
- ResourceLoadFun is now descriptor-based, not stream-based - Michael
- Removed RES_TYPE enum, folded into ResourceDesc - Michael
- Split STRTAB into STRTAB (strings) and BINTAB (color/xlat tables) - Michael
- Removed internal references to defunct resource types - Michael
- Revamped resource system to only use .rmp files - Michael
- Isolated all constructed resources into cons_res.c - Michael
- Fixed a crash when conversing with music disabled - Michael
- Moved all resources into starcon.ls2 - Michael
- Fixed compile errors when compiling without joystick support - Michael
- Added endian-aware integer read functions to uio - SvdB
- Introduce the concept of an "InputContext" - SvdB
- Don't use alloca() in uio. - SvdB
- Replace PlayerOne/PlayerTwo by PlayerControls[0]/PlayerControls[1] - SvdB
- Moved comm resources into starcon.ls2 - Michael
- Repackaged static comm/ship data to it all uniquely named - Michael
- On MacOS X, search for the content in the application bundle, from Nic
- Planetside resource names are now consistent and generatable - Michael
- Androsynth ruins freeing condition now uses cycles (Bug #1028) - Michael
- .rmp files now carry the types of the targets - Michael
- Joystick threshold defaults to 10,000, not 0 (Bug #1046) - Michael
- Remove MEM_HANDLEs from everywhere outside of memlib - Michael
- Split out RESOURCEs from the loaded data in RACE_DESC and LOCDATA
  structures - Michael
- Prevent overflow for planet weight when scanning a planet (bug #1025)
  - from Benjamin Alan Weaver
- Support for Windows CE. - SvdB with Pavel Chernikov
- Added support to the unix build system for explicitely specifying the name
  of the define to set to show when a symbol is found.
  Also a fix for when 'strcasecmp' is #define'd by the system. - SvdB
- Rewrote mapres.c to use uio's hashtables instead of its own
  association lists - Michael
- Added a Remix option to the setup menu - Michael
- Addon zips can live in content/addons directly - Michael
- 3DO music separated into an addon pack - Michael
- Major change in resource index scheme - Michael
  - .lst replaced (mapping to IDs instead of to files)
  - .rmp files give the mapping from IDs to files. 
  - Addons provide additional files instead of overriding UIO
  - Addons must provide .rmp files to do the necessary overrides.
- Removed unnecessary _ALIGNED_ON macro usage - SvdB
- The current directory is now among the locations searched for the content
  when no explicit location has been specified. (bug fix) - from Nic
- Non-3DO Shipspin anims now use Presentations - Michael
- Added presentation commands TEXT, TE (text effect), MOVIE - Alex
- Increased the size of display queue (elements were sometimes missing
  in e.g. Nemesis vs. Nemesis battles with many marines out) - Alex
- ShowPresentation() no longer clears the screen by force; presentations
  now do this by request - Michael
- Added match_matchPatternOnce() - SvdB
- Fixed a problem with blue ships after Avatar's tractor beam,
  along with some other fill-stamp situations; bug #929 - Alex
- Added TFB_Canvas_Lock(), TFB_Canvas_Unlock() and TFB_Canvas_GetStride()
  - SvdB
- Scaling images with respect to their hotspots: stabilizes compound
  Melee objects; re-added bilinear Melee scaler; zooming planet uses
  bilinear; fixes bug #685 - Alex
- Added --keepaspectratio to keep correct aspect ratio when using
  custom resolutions in OpenGL mode - Mika
- Add /var/tmp as possible location for temporary files. Don't try
  /tmp and /var/tmp at all on MS Windows (Cygwin excepted) - SvdB
- Added fullscreen/windowed toggle key F11 (bug #578) - Mika
- Allow building without ogg vorbis support (bug #852) - SvdB
- Reworked SuperMelee fleet loading (fixes bug #823) - SvdB
- Fixed enemy ships getting recrewed between ecnounters in HyperSpace
  (bug #996) - Alex
- Removed mouse_err.c since DoPopupWindow() is used now - SvdB
- (debugging) Fixed instant-move towards the current location - SvdB
- Fixed wrong Sa-Matra guards icons after Kohr-Ah win (bug #1001) - Alex
- Internal ship structures and queues refactoring and cleanup - Alex
- Fix quitting out of IP before the IP is fully set (bug #987) - Michael
- Fixed speech looping with long tracks at high sampling rates;
  scope supports higher rates for speech now; bug 999 - Alex
- Basic support for .ani-based shipspin animations - Michael
- Fixed some Melnorme history info timestamps - Alex
- Fixed Ur-Quan story timestamps, from Vlad-Ceru Opran
- Removed the 256-frame limit on .ani files - Michael
- Renamed PlaySpeech/StopSpeech to work around name collisions
  on OSX - Alex
- Ending the battle with a simultaneous death no longer triggers an
  assertion - SvdB
- Concurrent supermelee ship selection - SvdB
- New generic, unthreaded flashing code - SvdB
- Cleanup of 3DO ship spin support; spin speech works now - Alex
- No longer creating and mounting a temporary directory. It is no longer
  used, but it might be again at some point, for loadable modules. - SvdB
- Added RNG functions that work on a supplied state - SvdB
- Fixed a crash on startup if uqm.cfg did not exist, flagged and fixed 
  by jdorje - Michael
- Support for 3do "ship spin" videos (Bug #733, patch by Jan Lönnberg) 
- Major refactoring of input configuration to use the resource system 
  instead of custom files (bugs #961 and #949) - Michael
- Added ability to remove entries from ALists - Michael
- Cleaned up FRAME, CONTEXT, and FONT abstraction layers - Michael
- Added Input Frames to pause code to stop infinite loops - Michael
- Added more netplay debug code - SvdB
- Added uio_fprintf() and uio_vfprintf() - SvdB
- Any input will register for at least one frame (Bug #864) - Michael
- Many VControl cleanups - Michael
- Fix compilation without Netplay support - SvdB
- Added limited AIFF sound file decoder for playing 3DO originals;
  SDX2 decoder by SvdB - Alex
- Typo fix in Starbase speech (bug #959) - Michael
- (MacOS) Don't package up .svn dirs with 'build.sh uqm install' (bug #958),
  from Nic.
- No more extra newlines to log_add() calls for libs/network/ code - SvdB
- DUCK videos now play correctly after a video mode change; bug #734 - Alex
- Cancel key will now quit out of the Manifest Menu (Bug #838) - Michael
- Added -w and -x commandline options, to counter -f and -o; used these 
  to implement "Safe Mode" links in the Win32 installer (Bug #946)
  - Michael
- OpenGL texture loading uses surface pitch instead of screen width.  
  This should head off future bugs similar to Bug #740 (this issue was 
  reported as Bug #956) - Michael

File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
uqm-src.lha0.7.0r32Mb22 Oct 20204.167¤ UQM - Source for Ur-Quan Masters port
Copyright © 2004-2024 by Björn Hagström All Rights Reserved