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 Readme for:  Audio » Edit » easytag.lha


Description: EasyTAG - an audio file tagger for AmiCygnix
Download: easytag.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 11Mb
Version: 2.1.8
Date: 02 Dec 2019
Author: David King <amigadave@amigadave.com> - OS4 port by Edgar Schwan
Submitter: Edgar Schwan
Email: eds/amicygnix de
Homepage: http://www.amicygnix.de
Requirements: AmigaOS 4.1, AmiCygnix V1.2
Category: audio/edit
Replaces: audio/edit/easytag.lha
License: GPL
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.1
FileID: 11060
Comments: 1
Snapshots: 2
Videos: 0
Downloads: 131  (Current version)
693  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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EasyTAG is a tool for viewing and modifying tags in MP3, MP2, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis,
MP4 / AAC, MusePack, Monkey's Audio and WavPack files. It has an easy-to-use
GTK2 interface. To run an installed AmiCygnix environment is required.

This is the second release of EasyTAG 2.1.8. The default settings have been set
to more meaningful values and the installer script has been revised.

Homepage: https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/EasyTAG

New compared to the previous package (version 2.0):

  * New version 2.1.8, see "Cygnix:Software/EasyTAG-2.1.8/NEWS"
  * Support for MP4/AAC and WavPack files.
  * Enhanced CDDB support.
  * New startup scripts for desktop and standalone startup.
  * New icons in the style of AmigaOS 4.1.
  * Compiled with GTK+ 2.24.5.


  * View, modify and write tags from MP3, MP2 files (ID3 tag with pictures),
    FLAC files (FLAC Vorbis tag), Ogg Vorbis files (Ogg Vorbis tag), MP4 / AAC
    (MP4 / AAC tag), MusePack, Monkey's Audio files and WavPack files (APE tag).
  * Now supports more tag fields: Title, Artist, Album, Disc Album, Year, Track
    Number, Genre, Comment, Composer, Original Artist / Artist, Copyright, URL,
    Encoder Name and Attached Pictures.
  * Automatic tagging: Search directories and automatically set tags using
  * Ability to rename files and directories from the tag (using masks) or by
    loading a text file.
  * Open directories or files with an external program. Useful e.g. in conjunc-
    tion with Audacious (recommended).
  * CDDB support via Freedb.org and Gnudb.org (manual or automatic search).
    Note: At the time of publication, the automatic search did not work.
  * Browse directories and subdirectories.
  * Recursive tagging, removing, renaming, saving ...
  * Reading and displaying file header information (bitrate, time, ...),
  * Undo and redo of recent changes.
  * Automatic editing of tags or file names (case change).
  * Generation of playlists.
  * Simple and clear interface!
  * Written in C using a GTK + 2.24 user interface.


  The X11 environment AmiCygnix version 1.2 (or higher) must be installed
  before! AmiCygnix is available on OS4-depot (http://os4depot.net).

  To install the package, just click on the "Install"-icon. The data will be
  installed into the AmiCygnix package. Afterwards you can find the programs in
  "Cygnix:Software/EasyTag-2.1.8". To launch the program doubleclick on
  "Start_EasyTag_Desktop.bat" or "Start_EasyTag_Standalone.bat".


  The function "Browser/Scan Directory with..." is untestet. Unfortunalety it is
  not really clear to me, how this should work. This function makes it possible,
  to scan a directory with an external program. Any hints are welcome ;-)


  If you like to support my work, you can make a donation by using paypal:



Thanks to...

  ... Hans Verkuil for his initial port of X11R6.3 to OS 3.x
  ... Thomas Blatt (Icons)
  ... Michael Christoph for testing

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easytag-src.lha2.1.82Mb02 Dec 20194.159¤ Easytag-src - Sources of EasyTAG and related libs for AmiCygnix
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