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 Readme for:  Audio » Edit » amisounded.lha


Description: 32-bit mono/stereo sound editor
Download: amisounded.lha       (TIPS: Use the right click menu if your browser takes you back here all the time)
Size: 119kb
Version: 0.12
Date: 04 Mar 2009
Author: Fredrik Wikström
Submitter: Fredrik Wikström
Email: fredrik/a500 org
Homepage: http://a500.org
Requirements: AISS >= 4.4
Category: audio/edit
Replaces: audio/edit/amisounded.lha
License: Freeware
Distribute: yes
Min OS Version: 4.0
FileID: 4594
Comments: 16
Snapshots: 1
Videos: 0
Downloads: 165  (Current version)
2366  (Accumulated)
Votes: 0 (0/0)  (30 days/7 days)

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 - AISS v4.4 - http://masonicons.de


 - ReAction GUI
 - Project window can be snapshotted ("snapshot" button in titlebar)
 - Edit mono/stereo sounds in 8-, 16-, 24- or 32-bit
 - Sound playback/recording through AHI's device interface
 - Clipboard support (uses 8svx format for 8-bit data and otherwise aiff)
 - Locale support
 - Drag and drop support
 - Record to disk (uncompressed aiff format)

 - IFF-8SVX (.8svx, .iff)
   - uncompressed
   - Fibonacci delta compression
   - Exponential delta compression
 - IFF-AIFF / IFF-AIFC (.aiff)
   - uncompressed
 - Sun AU (.au)
   - PCM, a-law, u-law, float
 - RIFF-WAVE (.wav)
   - PCM, MS/IMA ADPCM, GSM610, a-law, u-law, float, ...
 - Datatypes (8-bit only)

 - IFF-8SVX (.8svx, .iff)
 - IFF-AIFF (.aiff)
 - RIFF-WAVE (.wav)


Just put the AmiSoundED drawer where you want it to be installed.


Holding down left shift when starting a dragselect moves the left border of the
current selection. The right shift key does the same for the right selection
border. Which channel(s) is/are selected depends on the mouse y-position when


 - Updated Italian catalog
 - Added German catalog by Michael Merkel

0.12 (30-Jan-2009)
 - Added a simple Installer script
 - Added a message that is displayed while a sound is being loaded using the
   datatypes system
 - Improved application.library support

0.11 (15-Dec-2008)
 - Fixed a bug in the path handling code
 - Updated Italian catalog

0.10 (12-Dec-2008)
 - Improved application.library support
 - Simple preferences GUI (only allows changing of colours for now)

0.9 (12-Nov-2008)
 - Updated Italian catalog
 - All sound data is now stored in swappable (MEMF_VIRTUAL) memory
 - Only opens ahi.device as and when needed (recording, playback)
 - Added a requester for when program has failed to open ahi.device (f.e. if
   another program is using AHI's low-level interface AKA "Music Unit")

0.8 (31-Oct-2008)
 - Updated Spanish catalog
 - Added an Italian translation by Samir Hawamdeh
 - Fixed a bug when saving 32-bit RIFF-WAVE data
 - Added ability to mix selection with data from the clipboard (average, add
   and subtract)

0.7 (10-Oct-2008)
 - Updated French catalog
 - Updated to use some of the new images in AISS v4.4
 - Rewrote recording code (should work a little better now)
 - Added sample length information to window title
 - Implemented record to disk function (outputs as an AIFF file)
 - Added a stack cookie to the executable

0.6 (25-Sep-2008)
 - Fixed corrupt filename in titlebar after loading (didn't affect loading by
   drag and drop)
 - Added code for registering opened documents with application.library
 - Added code for warning about unsaved changes
 - Implemented resampling (change sampling frequency / sample bit depth)

0.5 (16-Sep-2008)
 - Renamed to AmiSoundED to avoid confusion with an old amiga program
 - Added maximise effect to volume editing
 - Added progress bars for copying & pasting
 - Fixed 24-bit recording (actually records in 32-bit and throws away the 8
   least significant bits)
 - Fixed bug in AHI playback code that caused stuttering sound especially when
   used with small buffers (< 1s)
 - Reduced playback buffers from 1s to 100ms (progress marker is now updated
   10 times per second instead of only once per second)
 - Added Spanish translation by Javier de las Rivas
 - Improved application.library support (registers as an application and
   supports "new document" and "open document" messages)
 - Loads files passed as commandline arguments when run from CLI

0.4 (7-Sep-2008)
 - Implemented progressive waveform display when loading and recording
 - Added support for drag and drop on program window to load a sound file
   (or on it's icon if it's iconified)
 - Will also load all files passed when started from WB (f.e. by drag and drop
   onto icon in AmiDock or by using SoundED as the file's default tool)
 - Improved the plugin system, old plugins will not work any more and will have
   to be updated (they won't cause the program to crash though, they just won't
   be used by the program)
 - Implemented progress bars for loading and saving
 - Fixed crash when writing higher bytes-per-sample data into a sound (f.e.
   copying 32-bit data and pasting it into a 16-bit sound)
 - Simple volume effects are now possible (volume increase/decrease as well as
   linear fade in/fade out)
 - Included a French translation by Alexandre Balaban

0.3 (3-Sep-2008)
 - Implemented a progress indicator for playback (including workaround for
   drag and dropping on WB)
 - Now uses external plugins for load/save stored in PROGDIR:Plugins
 - Added IFF-8SVX load/save support
 - Added RIFF-WAVE load/save support
 - Fixed crash on iconifying when in playback mode

0.2 (30-Aug-2008)
 - Implemented recording (recorded several minutes of audio from mic-in on my
   microA1, worked perfectly)
 - Optimised rendering for very large sound files
 - Fixed a bug when pasting stereo aiff data into an empty project
 - Added error message on startup if AISS isn't installed
 - Doubled size of load/save and copy/paste buffers (512 frames -> 1024 frames)

0.1 (29-Aug-2008)
 - First released version

File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
amisounded-mp3.lha0.4526kb31 Oct 20084.0671¤ Amisounded-mp3 - MP3 plugin for SoundED
amisounded-src.lha0.12491kb01 Mar 20094.0228¤ Amisounded-src - 32-bit mono/stereo sound editor
amisounded-wavpack.lha0.1200kb12 Nov 20084.0650¤ Amisounded-wavpack - WavPack plugin for AmiSoundED
amisounded_deu.lha0.124kb31 Jan 20094.0430¤ Amisounded_german - German catalog file for AmiSoundEd v0.12
amisounded_ell.lha0.122kb21 Nov 20124.0179¤ Amisounded_greek - Greek catalog file for AmiSoundEd
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