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 Files uploaded by Alex Carmona

File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
glexcess.lhadem/mis1.010Mb23 Oct 20094.1637¤ Glexcess - GLExcess OpenGL demo port to MiniGL
atlantisgl.lhadem/mis1.087kb01 Dec 20074.0484¤ Atlantisgl - Sharks, whales & dolphin demo (GL/3D)
rayrace.lhadem/mis1.1166kb12 Mar 20054.0488¤ Rayrace - Realtime Raytracing Engine demo for OS4
libargp.lhadev/lib/mis1.3362kb26 Feb 20084.0228¤ Libargp - libargp.a - standalone argp from glibc
bowlingexample.lhagam/mis1.088kb27 Oct 20104.183¤ Bowlingexample - Simple bowling example for Blender GE
ivcon.lhagra/con1.15584kb24 Feb 20084.0388¤ Ivcon - 3D Graphics File Conversion
commander.lhagra/scr2.374kb25 Sep 20134.0421¤ Commander - A multi-purpose blanker module
rainbowblanker.lhagra/scr1.144kb09 Feb 20064.0502¤ Rainbowblanker - Rainbow Blanker Module
viewilbm.lhagra/vie1.12387kb02 Dec 20054.0301¤ Viewilbm - Displays IFF-ILBM pictures, supports color cycling
owbpatchurl.lhanet/bro1.026kb27 Dec 20074.0754¤ Owbpatchurl - URL toolbar patch for OWB
cgterm.lhanet/cha1.7b22Mb31 May 20054.0466¤ Cgterm - A SDL Telnet BBS C/G terminal
s3c.lhanet/mis1.1183kb07 Feb 20134.0256¤ S3c - Backup restore share & manage files on Amazon S3
lmbench.lhauti/ben2.81Mb29 Dec 20074.0369¤ Lmbench - Mostly complete port of the lmbench test suite
cubebm.lhauti/ben1.028kb16 May 20084.01182¤ Cubebm - MiniGL Cube with benchmarks
serialbridge.lhauti/com0.67kb06 Feb 20064.0406¤ Serialbridge - Bridges between serial devices (with source)
serialthing.lhauti/com1.03Mb19 Mar 20194.1136¤ SerialThing - Serial Terminal and Control Thing
mmvolume.lhauti/doc1.08kb01 Dec 20054.01117¤ Mmvolume - Control the Mixer's Master Volume from the dock
xdelta3.lhauti/fil3.0t83kb27 Dec 20074.0351¤ Xdelta3 - binary diff, differential compression tool
pcitool.lhauti/har1.413kb04 Jul 20124.0350¤ Pcitool - Read/Write PCI Config/IO/Memory space
poweroff.lhauti/har1.12kb14 Jan 20134.1465¤ Poweroff - Shell command to turn off the X1000
ac-bootpic.lhauti/mis1.1333kb23 May 20054.0420¤ Ac-bootpic - Animated boot pictures
uniquedate.lhauti/mis1.08kb22 Jun 20064.0361¤ Uniquedate - Generates unique (hi-res) numeric date/timestamps
uniquename.lhauti/mis1.09kb22 Jun 20064.0333¤ Uniquename - Generates unique (random) strings
capstestppc.lhauti/scr2.09kb10 Dec 20124.0268¤ Capstestppc - Reports caps lock status, useful for scripts etc.
screentoback.lhauti/scr1.018kb14 Oct 20064.0314¤ Screentoback - A Shell command to push the frontmost screen back
allocmem.lhauti/she1.35kb17 Jun 20124.0280¤ Allocmem - A Shell command to reduce memory available
wbopen.lhauti/she1.07kb23 Nov 20054.0374¤ Wbopen - Open drawers and icons from the shell and scripts
wbclose.lhauti/she1.07kb23 Nov 20054.0289¤ Wbclose - Close drawers from the shell and scripts
timer.lhauti/she1.226kb05 Aug 20064.0389¤ Timer - Time how long it takes to execute a command
snoti.lhauti/she1.020kb18 Sep 20064.0283¤ Snoti - Run command when files/dirs are changed (notify)
rearg.lhauti/she1.04kb14 Dec 20044.0333¤ Rearg - Adds flexibility to Alias command
itimecalc.lhauti/she1.110kb13 Sep 20064.0341¤ Itimecalc - Shows current Swatch Beat (Internet time) w/src
headtail.lhauti/she1.345kb23 Nov 20054.0336¤ Headtail - Show first/last n lines/chars/blocks of a file
fsay.lhauti/she1.011kb20 Oct 20074.0504¤ Fsay - A "Say" command for flite.device
echo2debug.lhauti/she1.113kb18 Nov 20054.0272¤ Echo2debug - Echo a string to the debug output
delay.lhauti/she1.08kb25 Jun 20064.0369¤ Delay - Wait any number of ticks (1/50th sec.)
crash.lhauti/she2.038kb14 Jun 20084.0217¤ Crash - Triggers Grim Reaper and/or Guru alerts
cliexchange.lhauti/she1.619kb05 Dec 20154.0188¤ Cliexchange - Shell equivalent to Exchange
addmenu.lhauti/wor53.376kb19 Oct 20104.01522¤ Addmenu - Adds more menus to the OS4 Workbench
amisnap_fx.lhauti/wor1.448kb26 Nov 20084.0441¤ Amisnap_fx - Iconify any window on your wb with FX
animapoint.lhauti/wor1.093kb06 Jan 20084.0477¤ Animapoint - Animate your mouse pointer.
digiclock.lhauti/wor1.365kb26 Feb 20114.0888¤ Digiclock - Clock for the Workbench titlebar
pingboing.lhauti/wor1.016kb06 Jan 20084.0533¤ Pingboing - Make your mouse pointer bounce
themesaver.lhauti/wor1.1b891kb09 Aug 20064.0288¤ Themesaver - Save and recall your Workbench themes easily
titleclock.lhauti/wor1.27kb14 Dec 20044.0849¤ Titleclock - Display the date and time in the WB title
wbtitlebar.lhauti/wor1.018kb02 Dec 20054.0480¤ Wbtitlebar - Switch the workbench titlebar On/Off
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