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 File comments for:  Utility » Misc » autorun.lha


Description: Executes a script on disk insertion
Download: autorun.lha
Version: 53.1
Date: 11 Apr 2014
Category: utility/misc
FileID: 8740
RSS Feed url: http://eu.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=utility/misc/autorun.lha

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Comment by: HKvalhe ( 11 Apr 2014, 14:34File version: 53.1
Thank you for bringing this tool. It's very useful! :)
Comment by: Elwood ( 14 May 2011, 15:15File version: 52.3
nice idea Fredrik. Good job!
Comment by: Rigo ( 13 May 2011, 13:27File version: 52.3
Very nice. This is a almost identical to the AutoRun program I did for the AmigActive CDs where the CD could be set up when the user puts it in the drive.

It's nice to see this functionality come to OS4.
Comment by: kas1e ( 26 Sep 2010, 09:31File version: 52.2
52.2 version rokz because of that sys:s/autorun-default feature. Already tested, and it works fine (for testing i just do "newcli"), and when i put for example by usb stick, or mount archive by xadmount, it spawn for me newcli.
Comment by: PEB ( 24 Sep 2010, 21:23File version: 52.1
What would be kind of nice is if some default action could be set for an inserted volume that does NOT have S/AutoRun script present (such as automatically opening the root of the volume in a WB window).
Comment by: anonymous ( 24 Sep 2010, 16:06File version: 52.1

This doesnt make much sense... imagine inserting a CDRW containing some backup of your very old OS3.x system into the drive of your modern OS4 system. Executing the OS3 startup-sequence wouldnt help much ;)

Besides that, why should any other script be "incompatible"?
startup-sequence is meant to be executed on _startup_ of the system (and from the boot device), not on any point after startup (which is what autorun is meant for) and from a non-boot device.
Comment by: TSK ( 24 Sep 2010, 15:16File version: 52.1
Could you make it run S/Startup-sequence instead to make it backwards compatible/traditional ?
Comment by: whose ( 24 Sep 2010, 12:37File version: 52.1
Yeah, security issues should be of concern.

Nonetheless, together with all your nice filesystems and handlers, its a great thing. Best bit is installing from inside an archive, done via XAD filesystem. One bit more "autorunned" than all other systems do. As soon as XAD filesystem is part of a standard installation, users are able to install programs without dearchiving to RAM:, one step less for the lazy people ;)
Comment by: orginAt: 24 Sep 2010, 10:30File version: 52.1
If not already in there then add a way to get a requester asking "this device has a autorun script, do you want to run it?" before the script is executed for security reasons.

Also a way to block certain devices.
Comment by: kas1e ( 24 Sep 2010, 09:33File version: 52.1
Pretty interesting. Maybe it even can be as one more commoditie for OS by default.
Comment by: salass00 ( 24 Sep 2010, 06:32File version: 52.1
The script file is inside the inserted volume.

F.e. if I added the following commands to a file called S/AutoRun inside diskimage.device release archive:
CD diskimage_device
Installer Install APPNAME diskimage.device MINUSER EXPERT DEFUSER EXPERT

Then when I mount the archive with MountXAD f.e. by double-clicking on it if I have MountXAD configured as default tool it will start the installer script automatically.
Comment by: PEB ( 24 Sep 2010, 00:11File version: 52.1
Nice idea!

Can you provide an example script that shows how to have different actions taken for different volumes?


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