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 File comments for:  Utility » Filetool » dopus5.lha


Description: Legendary file manager and more
Download: dopus5.lha
Version: 5.91
Date: 31 Aug 2015
Category: utility/filetool
FileID: 9458
RSS Feed url: http://eu.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=utility/filetool/dopus5.lha

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Comment by: HKvalhe ( 13 May 2014, 22:46File version: 5.90
If you have preconfigurations from the original Dopus Magellan that can be used with Dopus 5 in an easy way, making it to look very similar to Dopus 4, then that is great :)
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 13 May 2014, 22:07File version: 5.90
If somebody can bring up exact configuration of Dopus 4 to use in Dopus 5 without having it to replace your entire Workbench environment, then that is great. I prefer the way Dopus 4 look and feel, as it doesn't replace my Workbench environment but acts only like an advanced file organizer with dual list on the same window. That is the way i want to use Dopus. Not as a replacement of the environment. That's not to say that Dopus 5 doesn't look great.It surely does, but it's also more complicated to setup easily than Dopus 4. Dopus 4 only allowed to fit the environment nicely without any configurations. In Dopus 5, you have to go through a lot of configurations only to get the look you want. That tends to be messy and it's easy to cause trouble if you don't know what to do. I don't like it complicated. I like it plain and simple, and i am sure most do. If any of you have a clear solution how to make Dopus 5 like Dopus 4, then i am interested.
Comment by: Tommysammy ( 13 May 2014, 19:03File version: 5.90
@hotrod Where can i get your config? I want try it
Comment by: hotrod ( 13 May 2014, 13:31File version: 5.90
I haven't had a look yet but the original DOpus Magellan had some preconfigs that you could use and one of them made it look very similar to DOpus 4. Might be of interest?
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 11 May 2014, 17:19File version: 5.90
Now i have tried to experiement a little more with Dopus 5 and its' environment. Okay, i got the dual list that seemed different, and managed to save its' position. I tried to make it to use my Workbench environment, but AmiDock wasn't viewable when running Dopus 5. Only when i quit Dopus 5, AmiDock appeared again. Strange. Dopus 4 never bothered with such.

I understand Dopus 5 is much more advanced and more complex, which i understand is great, but for my purpose, Dopus was NEVER meant to be a Workbench replacement for me. That's not why i want to use Dopus. I want to use it as an advanced, dual-listed file organisator, not as a WB replacement.

Seeing that it's too easy to mess up different settings in Dopus 5, i am rather sticking with Dopus 4. I prefer it plain and simple, and it's better suited for it's true purpose - to organize files in different manners, and in dual list at the same window.

Perhaps it could be an idea to make a Dopus 5 Lite version, without focusing on it to replace the Workbench, but focus on the real purpose - as an advanced filer?

Dopus 5 is of course excellent. I'm sure it is. Unfortunately, it's not to my liking, but i am happy that i have tried it anyway, so i thank so much for that. The future is always in motion and there is always room for improvement. Great to see such progress :)

Thanks again for the opportunity :)
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 11 May 2014, 15:57File version: 5.90

Thank you so much for the explanation :) I will try again step by step. Yes, i save the configuration settings in the Environment menu.
Comment by: SalternaOS ( 11 May 2014, 15:20File version: 5.90

First of all, thank you a lot for that work, I'm glad to be able to use again DOpus5.

@HKvalhe: the 2 listers are now different. I mean, if you want to get the second lister, double click on the "desktop" of Dopus5 and you will get the second lister. Move your listers and vertical toolbar where you want and chose "save Layout" in the environement menu. When you run DOpus again, then your layout should be the same.
Don't forget that Dopus 5 is more evolved as Dopus4 and of course the configuration is "more complex" to set. You can chose several screen modes included Workbench "clone" and Workbench "use". Even if there is no guide to set it up, it is really a good thing to try yourself. As you can imagine, all settings are in "Environement" menu.

You can also download almost all Dopus5 Themes on Aminet.net and use them with this version... Some of them are really great!

Thanks again.
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 11 May 2014, 11:33File version: 5.90
I have experimented a little with Dopus 5 and came to this conclusion. No wonder that Dopus 5 looks a lot more advanced, but after my experience, there are 2 drawbacks.

*The dual listers from Dopus 4 doesn't seem present in Dopus 5 anymore
*The easy configuration of Dopus 4 to easily use your Workbench environment doesn't seem present in Dopus 5 either. I might be missing something, but i couldn't manage to configure it to use my Workbench environment without messing around with a lot of settings in Dopus 5. In Dopus 4, you didn't have to do that. You just ran the program and stretched its' window to fit your Workbench screen like you wanted. This doesn't seem the case in Dopus 5. It would help if there was a turtorial guide or something. Perhaps a video or a blog in how to set Dopus 5 to use the exact look of your Workbench environment, and perhaps the dual listers if they actually are available.

Other than that, Dopus 5 looks much fresher, so keep it up. :)
Comment by: HKvalhe ( 10 May 2014, 20:23File version: 5.90
This is great! Looks really fresh, but how to configure its' environment to be exactly the same of the Workbench? Dopus5 looks a lot better than Dopus4. Great work!

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