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 File comments for:  Graphics » Theme » themeedit.lha


Description: OS4 Theme Editor v. 0.3 (viewer + painter)
Download: themeedit.lha
Version: 0.3
Date: 26 Jul 2015
Category: graphics/theme
FileID: 9398
RSS Feed url: http://eu.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=graphics/theme/themeedit.lha

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Comment by: kas1e ( 27 Mar 2013, 04:26File version: 0.1

Imho you anyway will be forced later to mui-royale when you will more or less satisfied with the program itself. I just see how good your program can be if it will be done over mui. Just currently do not worry about and work like you work, and then, when you will have motivation/energy just migrate to it. I know its can looks like something hard when you need to rewrite/migrate to something, but in end its all can be done, just need right mood and place that idea about migration somethere in the mind :)
Comment by: ilbarbax ( 26 Mar 2013, 15:05File version: 0.1
Thanks for comments.
Concerning Mui Royale, it is my fault when I did not migrate to Hollywood 5 when was the time. Now I can't. I was thinking to use ProAction instead but, this would be a problem for a possible Aros and MOS dedicated versions.

Sandro (ilbarbax)
Comment by: kas1e ( 26 Mar 2013, 11:33File version: 0.1

Should to say that it pretty nice attempt. Very mature already, and far more intersting than i expect from begining. You spend a lot of time to it for sure.

But as usuall there is some suggestions and bug-reports.


1). Migrate on MUI Royale fully. Programm then will have necessary feel and look of all native aos apps. It will help all the users (as interface will be the same as all other apps), RMB can works as well, all windowses can be resized, etc. Everything can be controlled just via mui settings : that will make your programm be A LOT more configurable.

2). Add maybe button "test" in the item-editor. I.e. i for example press on some gadgets, edit it, and then want to see how it will looks like in real, but for that i should press "save". But that "save" is non intuitive where it will done (i assume in RAM: where theme was copied), so maybe button "test" somethere will help and make it more intuitive.

That "save/saveas" for now looks a bit unintitive, so button "test" will help a lot. "save" can be just deleted at all, and only "test" and "save as".


1) Press on any item, choice any color, draw a line. Pressing again on any color from palette only give you black color all the time.

But in general program pretty nice already. If it will be done on mui-royale it will rokz hard.
Comment by: nykk ( 25 Mar 2013, 18:11File version: 0.1
Thank you very much! Program has outstanding potential! Finally something useful! :)

What it would be great if possible to implement - the way Font preferences program shows: Screen title bar [with text], a window, shell and directory.

If Fonts - like display is created [or similar] - your Theme editor will be perfect for people like me :) Imagine you roll over a text written on the header and by single click you open a font editor and change its font and color. And background too.

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