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 File comments for:  Graphics » Misc » fractalvoyager.lha

Fractal Voyager

Description: Fractal generator for educational purposes
Download: fractalvoyager.lha
Version: 1.1
Date: 03 Oct 2020
Category: graphics/misc
FileID: 11436
RSS Feed url: http://eu.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=graphics/misc/fractalvoyager.lha

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Comment by: aGGreSSor ( 09 Oct 2020, 09:57File version: 1.1
K-M: Author makes builds for all Amiga, see aminet. =)
AmiPDF is third party software that not be updated "since ages".
There are still no PDF datatype for any Amiga.
PDF is proprietary format that updated and has compatibility problems by design.

p.S. There is a more modern and fast vpdf on MorphOS (open source Poppler library and XPDF, AmigaOS 4 port is 3 years old).
Comment by: K-M ( 09 Oct 2020, 08:30File version: 1.1
At aGGreSSor : I disagree, AmigaOS 4.1 can read PDF since ages (thanks to AmiPDF which comes standard with AmigaOS 4.1) and many tools like RNO-PDF are free and really good at reading PDFs.
Comment by: aGGreSSor ( 07 Oct 2020, 08:17File version: 1.1
Then name the pdf file as pdf, not Guide. Most amigas cannot show pdf, but you are using pdf. If these are notes, the text file README is enough. With an icon having a tool Multiview on default. We don't have pdf datatope in standard AmigaOS. You aren't using any graphics in this file. The use of pdf isn't justified by anything. After all, if you want to be modern it is logical to use Markdown, but using an unsupported proprietary format is nonsense.
Comment by: Massimiliano Scarano ( 06 Oct 2020, 09:55File version: 1.1
In modern programming, this app is a good candidate to execute on the GPU rather than the CPU. The reason is that the GPU is incredible faster to render the graphics.

Challenging tip: redesign your app and reshape the code like a proper "shader" for the GPU.

Also AmigaGuide should be used for documentation rather than PDF.
Comment by: aGGreSSor ( 04 Oct 2020, 14:45File version: 1.1
Guide should be in AmigaGuide format, not PDF!
Very slow, low-variable application and without source, but works..
Comment by: Massimiliano Scarano ( 16 Jun 2017, 14:38File version: 1.0
3407668 bytes for such a simple application? Come on! This must be another bloated app made with Hollywood.

I suggest you to learn how to develope using C programming language, you get a lot of benefits back such as for example smaller executable binary files and overall better control over optimizations.
If this shouldn' t be enough you can write the time critical parts of your app in PowerPC Assembly for the best result.
For speed you may also want to have a look at the AltiVec unit present in some microprocessors of the PowerPC family.

Last but not least for your information OS4 currently doesn' t support multicore (SMP symmetric multiprocessing).

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