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 File comments for:  Graphics » Icon » kens_images.lha


Description: Ibrowse & Aweb Toolbars in the "Ken's Icon" style.
Download: kens_images.lha
Version: 1.7
Date: 25 Apr 2006
Category: graphics/icon
FileID: 1797
RSS Feed url: http://eu.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=graphics/icon/kens_images.lha

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Comment by: anonymous ( 27 Apr 2006, 23:53File version: 1.7
Nice, use it myself on aWeb, but can we have differenct Icons for the two stop
buttons on network Status?

Comment by: klesterjr ( 01 Apr 2006, 20:08File version: 1.6
Doh! Change the number of frames in the Tooltypes of the IBrowse transfer
animation to 20.


Someday. :)
Comment by: redmelons ( 06 Mar 2006, 22:20File version: 1.6
Thanks Ken, the AWeb transfer anim is excellent - AWeb looks a lot more modern

Any chance of an icon set for Wordworth Office?
Comment by: anonymous ( 13 Oct 2005, 01:33File version: 1.5
To get rid of that pause after every rotation, change the icon tooltype from 30
frames=30 to frames=29.
Comment by: Jonas ( 08 Oct 2005, 17:59File version: 1.5
Nice, any chance of a YAM toolbar being added to this package?
Comment by: anonymous ( 07 Oct 2005, 08:21File version: 1.5
Yuuu da maaaannn

Thanks, you are making some progs look very snazzy.
Much appreciated.

Comment by: anonymous ( 07 Oct 2005, 06:17File version: 1.5
Really love the png icons (the Ibrowse one especially)!
I also think the IBrowse transfer animiation looks great; but on my machine it
seems to pause slightly after each rotation.
Comment by: anonymous ( 07 Oct 2005, 05:42File version: 1.5
>Where did you get the transfer animation shown
>in the '4_snap' picture with the boing balls?

It's either from OS3.9 or the commercial version of Aweb -- don't remember

Comment by: Al ( 07 Oct 2005, 05:38File version: 1.5
Where did you get the transfer animation shown in the '4_snap' picture with the
boing balls?
Comment by: RedMelons ( 28 Jul 2005, 20:45File version: 1.4
With the OS4 Zami theme, Ken's icons, Ken's navigation icons and Ken's Transfer
Animation, AWebPPC is now a really nice looking, as well as fast browser.

Thanks very much Ken.
Comment by: anonymous ( 28 Jul 2005, 13:08File version: 1.4
You rule!
Comment by: PEB ( 28 Jul 2005, 07:30File version: 1.3
Comment by: anonymous ( 23 Jul 2005, 10:34File version: 1.2
Beautiful painting! Give us some more.
Comment by: anonymous ( 22 Jul 2005, 15:43File version: 1.2
That's one of the animations that came with OS3.9 -- I've never painted anything
that 'moves'! ;-)
Comment by: Metalheart ( 22 Jul 2005, 14:09File version: 1.2
Hey, nicely done ! How about that transfer anim ? Is it available ?

Comment by: klesterjr ( 07 Jul 2005, 23:42File version: 1.0

This was sort of a "test" to see if I could do it. I'm going to play
with this for a few days and then Aweb will be next (probably within the next

Comment by: anonymous ( 07 Jul 2005, 22:01File version: 1.0
Thanks Ken, a welcome addition to 'Ken's Icons.

Any chance of an AWeb toolbar as well?

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