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 File comments for:  Game » Platform » frogatto.lha


Description: Frogatto & Friends is an old-school 2D platformer
Download: frogatto.lha
Version: 1.2.21
Date: 08 Aug 2014
Category: game/platform
FileID: 8891
RSS Feed url: http://eu.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=game/platform/frogatto.lha

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Comment by: K-L ( 28 Aug 2014, 10:55File version: 1.2.21
From the Readme (that no one ever reads unfortunately) :

"Works fine with Wazp3D.library by Alain Thellier (big thanks for your huge work on this library) except for some on screen texts."

Sorry, we could not get better display with Wazp3D.
Comment by: anonymous ( 27 Aug 2014, 20:38File version: 1.2.21
Thanks KL, I downloaded and added to the configuration file Frogatto Wapz3D you recommended, now works fine.

Only problem with the writing, when Frogatto talks, some written not appear, others are interrupted in the middle.

is this problem? hope you can help me in this so that I can enjoy this great platform on my AmigaOne500.

Comment by: K-L ( 15 Aug 2014, 10:48File version: 1.2.21
It shouldn't be slow. My mistake, I forgot to add the Wazp3d prefs file in the archive.

Please download it from here : http://www.amiga-ng.org/resources/Frogatto/Wazp3D.cfg

And put it in Frogatto's drawer.

Sorry again :-(
Comment by: Amy-Mor ( 15 Aug 2014, 03:13File version: 1.2.21
Unfortunately, even having installed the "libboostyGfx.so," the game on my Sam460ex goes slow as hell. The whole thing is unplayable by the Wazp3D, SIN.

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