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 File comments for:  Game » Action » alien_breed_wii.lha


Description: Alien Breed open-source realisation on python/sdl
Download: alien_breed_wii.lha
Version: rev1
Date: 04 Nov 2010
Category: game/action
FileID: 6069
RSS Feed url: http://eu.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=game/action/alien_breed_wii.lha

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Comment by: Hypex ( 07 Dec 2010, 16:05File version: rev1

Sorry mygame. ;-)


Good idea but the code looks fine. I'd need to test other ports to see if it is just OS4 version.
Comment by: kas1e ( 07 Dec 2010, 10:21File version: rev1
Yep, that one not use PyGame, it use their own "kind of pygame" implementation (it was done because on WII pygame as it do not works, so, authors write reduced version of py-game, with changes which make it works on WII).

About what keys should be supported, and what is not : try to write bug-report to the authors of the game (on the link which i post before).
Comment by: Thematic ( 07 Dec 2010, 02:39File version: rev1
But this does not use pygame - or at least this one works, while all pygame does is crash on my system.
Comment by: Hypex ( 03 Dec 2010, 15:02File version: rev1
Ahem. :-) Did a little a cheating with to test out something and indeed P does work. Perhpas the only weapon I can afford to buy is crap. :-) Can't see a difference between it and the first gun.
Comment by: Hypex ( 03 Dec 2010, 07:12File version: rev1

Sorry typo there. In addition to the below I have examined the pycode included and found this.

The keys should be supported:
Sapce = Intex
LShift = Run
C = Fire
W = Cheat
P = Cycle weapon

Of these I can't get the P and F keys to do anything. Haven't tested cheat. The rest works as it should.

So is there a bug in pygame or soemething? Something is amiss. Couldn't see it disabled else where in code. But it has a problem somewhere. Be good to fix this for next release. :-)
Comment by: @┬ákas1e ( 02 Dec 2010, 05:05File version: rev1
Actually I was going to say the readme you have on here would be good enough. Good enough for starters. I didn't mean some fancy readme. Just what you had here repeated in the archive, that's all I expect. :-)

However, I since have discovered this isn't enough even, as you know. ;-)

Sorry I missed the URL, I was looking in the wrong place. :-) But it's no good. The instructions mention a Wiimote (haha) which we don't have. I then went to the orginal PC game project page and the keys there differ. So I don't know what it reads.

So far there is cursors, keypad, C for fire and space for terminal. But what else? I'm afaid you'll have to look in the source code since you would have with you. :-)

Can it be fully controlled by keys or do we need a game pad? Currrently I have none, though it would be silly to need one just to change a weapon when other keys do everything else.
Comment by: kas1e ( 01 Dec 2010, 11:36File version: rev1
You can write a readme yourself for that game if you think its necessary, and i will include it in the next release with save fixing. For understanding more about game , go at site which i write in description, there is: http://wiiab.sourceforge.net/.

Say me when readme will ready, so we can release new version.
Comment by: Hypex ( 01 Dec 2010, 11:23File version: rev1

Yes I like read me's. So I can get a brief of what's going on.

I appreciate the port and the game has sucked me in but I have to disagree with you here on several points:

1.) When I extract a game I expect to see a basic of instructions in the archive. I don't want to go to the place where I downloaded it and track down the file again just to read a readme that should have been included in the first place. Movement I can work, but fire eluded me.

2. No, all I (we) need to know is not in the "C" key. On the computers you buy stuff off and get info from you have to press space bar. And sometimes have to face it backwards, which is silly.

What's more, I thought I couldn't buy a weapon until I pressed the cursor keys and managed to buy one.

The most annoying follows. Once I have bought a weapon, what do I do with it? At all times my weapon is useless because I can't select it! And a waste of credits. You haven't told us how to select one. I pressed all the keys I could find and none did a thing.

3. I didn't see you provide the source website for the port. Nor explain how you ported a Wii game to OS4. So I see you expect us to track down the games website as well.

End resultL Not good enough kas1e!! We need more answers! LOL! :-D
Comment by: kas1e ( 26 Nov 2010, 18:20File version: rev1
I see that you like to see readmes in all the archives, even if they just demos (i read your last 3 comments here), but its just no so necessary for such prods as demos and games.

When something need a readme, i include it (for example, all what you need to know about this port, its that "c" = fire/enter. And that you can read already in the readme here). When something not need it, i not include it.

You always can go at the address which you see in description, and read all what you need , i.e. what is it , for what, from what, and how to do that and that.
Comment by: Hypex ( 26 Nov 2010, 13:58File version: rev1

Yeah! I got to level two and tried to save. Just as wel I didn't get futher. Seems someone forgot to include this and test it. ;-)


What is meant by Wii console? This is a game on the Wii that was ported to OS4? I thought all the Wii games looked better! :-)

BTW you also forgot to include a readme. Hard to know what's going on and what to press with no info included in game. ;-)
Comment by: Mufa ( 05 Nov 2010, 13:31File version: rev1
Press esc menu - save

Message in the console:
"IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'savedgames/level1'"
Comment by: 328gts ( 05 Nov 2010, 12:56File version: rev1
you rock dude!
Comment by: kas1e ( 05 Nov 2010, 12:32File version: rev1
How you trying to save ? (will check and fix if possilbe)
Comment by: Mufa ( 05 Nov 2010, 12:19File version: rev1
Thanks for porting cult game :)
Unfortunately savegame = error and exit to WB :(
Comment by: kas1e ( 05 Nov 2010, 08:19File version: rev1
There is video in action on peg2/1ghz:

Speed are pretty good here

As far as i remember, some users have problems with python based games done on pygame (the same slow speed). And because they have the same speed related problems with AB (which are not use pygame, but plain python+sdl), that make me think that something wrong with python itself on these configs.

But to be sure, i need to write some little test-scripts, just to check where is problem and why it happens. But imho its just python-realisation-g3 related.
Comment by: K-L ( 05 Nov 2010, 05:28File version: rev1
Very good on G3 and G4 but I think there was a compilation trouble since it's very slow on the 440 CPU.
Comment by: samo79 ( 05 Nov 2010, 00:13File version: rev1
Good port but too slow on Sam440 ... :-/
Comment by: Daniel ( 04 Nov 2010, 22:55File version: rev1
Nice port, had to hunt around OS4Depot to find libFLAC.so before it would run though. Thanks.

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