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 File comments for:  Development » Misc » adtools.lha


Description: GCC-based development toolchain for AmigaOS 4.x
Download: adtools.lha
Version: 20191228
Date: 27 Jan 2020
Category: development/misc
FileID: 11157
RSS Feed url: http://eu.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=development/misc/adtools.lha

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Comment by: salass00 ( 02 May 2020, 14:37File version: 20191228

I described how to do that in the following thread:

Comment by: Reth ( 01 May 2020, 22:56File version: 20191228
How can this be installed over / next to an installed SDK including the GCC contained in that SDK?
Comment by: MickJT ( 13 Nov 2017, 09:58File version: 20151223
The coreutils in this archive (20151223) don't work properly. If you're having difficulty with configure scripts, compare SDK:Local/C and SDK:gcc/bin, and delete from SDK:gcc/bin anything that already exists in SDK:Local/C. I think it has something to do with coreutils being built with newlib in this archive, instead of clib2.
Comment by: Raziel ( 31 Dec 2015, 09:00File version: 20151223
Comment by: Raziel ( 29 Dec 2015, 09:31File version: 20151223
Something's not quite right, though.

I'm not able to produce working exe...all freeze or crash

Probably forced to go back to 4.2.4
Comment by: jabirulo ( 28 Dec 2015, 23:04File version: 20151223
me too. THX for info.
Just "fixed" my SDK: newlib drawer (remove old, copied new files).
Comment by: Raziel ( 28 Dec 2015, 15:42File version: 20151223

Thanks for the hint
Comment by: Belxjander ( 28 Dec 2015, 08:02File version: 20151223
newlib not "new lib"
Comment by: Beelxjander ( 28 Dec 2015, 08:01File version: 20151223
The GCC:lib/gcc/ppc-amigaos/5.3.0/lib folder needs to be relocated to GCC:lib/gcc/ppc-amigaos/5.3.0/new lib (the new lib folder in the path was missing) in order for libgcc linkage problems to be fixed,

there is no actual need of the old GCC materials at all.
Comment by: jabirulo ( 26 Dec 2015, 13:44File version: 20151223
Recompiled some of ly stuff (DateTime, Mixer, KeyMapSwitcher,...) and no problems. Just new warnings :-) so I fixed'em.

Just noticed I had to copy newlib stuff/drawer from previous/old gcc 4.2.4 (SDK:gcc/lib/gcc/ppc-amigaos/4.2.4/newlib) to new gcc 5.3.0 (SDK:gcc/lib/gcc/ppc-amigaos/5.3.0).

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