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 File comments for:  Development » Library » Audio » libsdl_mixer.lha


Description: SDL mixer library
Download: libsdl_mixer.lha
Version: 1.2.12
Date: 09 Dec 2017
Category: development/library/audio
FileID: 10413
RSS Feed url: http://eu.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=development/library/audio/libsdl_mixer.lha

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Comment by: salass00 ( 22 Jul 2012, 12:08File version: 1.2.12

Strange that it did that. It's never done that before when I've compiled SDL_mixer. I'll have to see if I can disable usage of SDL_LoadObject() since it's not implemented in our SDL for some reason.
Comment by: Thematic ( 09 Jul 2012, 02:05File version: 1.2.12
It's compiled with dynamic loading of libvorbis? That didn't work here, no matter if I linked static or dynamic. libsdl say "SDL_LoadObject() not implemented".
Comment by: Varthall ( 12 Jan 2010, 08:16File version: 1.2.11
Thanks for this release! I have a couple of questions though:

- Does this version fix the problem with the MP3 replay? Older versions have been plagued with broken MP3 replay.

- Why have all the libraries been packed together? Until now they have been released as separate archives, I fear that now it will be difficult to find them if someone needs only one or two libraries inside this archive.

- This release makes the standalone version of the libraries obsolete and IMHO they should be deleted, namely:
libVorbis: http://www.os4depot.net/index.php?function=showfile&file=development/library/audio/libvorbis.lha
libOGG: http://www.os4depot.net/index.php?function=showfile&file=development/library/audio/libogg.lha
SMPEG: http://os4depot.net/index.php?function=showfile&file=development/library/graphics/smpeg.lha
libFlac: http://os4depot.net/index.php?function=showfile&file=development/library/audio/libflac.lha

Comment by: spot ( 10 Dec 2009, 18:17File version: 1.2.7-r3
read my porting guide for a sollution to this problem hypex.
Comment by: Hypex ( 10 Dec 2009, 15:49File version: 1.2.7-r3
Is Mix_OpenAudio included? I get this error after installing it and trying a configure:

checking for Mix_OpenAudio in -lSDL_mixer... no
configure: error: *** SDL_mixer lib not found! Get SDL_mixer from
Comment by: Menthos ( 14 Feb 2009, 10:29File version: 1.2.7-r3
Ah, I was just missing all the mpeg/ogg lib files... :)
Comment by: salass00 ( 13 Feb 2009, 16:10File version: 1.2.7-r3

This is the fixed version (1.2.7-r3).

Comment by: Menthos ( 13 Feb 2009, 12:15File version: 1.2.7-r3
I hope the fixed version (with mp3/ogg) will be released before 28 february as I will be hacking all night that date...
Comment by: spot ( 05 Feb 2009, 22:23File version: 1.2.7-r2
CRAP!.... i broke ogg and mp3 playback when i made midi work.
I am working on a new release as i type this.
Stay tuned!... And sorry!
Comment by: Raziel ( 08 Nov 2007, 23:55File version: 1.2.7

but shouldn't this be in dev/lib/audio?

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