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 File comments for:  Demo » Scene » scoopex_demo_sky.lha


Description: Scoopex demo sky
Download: scoopex_demo_sky.lha
Date: 21 Dec 2021
Category: demo/scene
FileID: 11877
RSS Feed url: http://eu.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=demo/scene/scoopex_demo_sky.lha

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Comment by: Kjetil / LiveForIt ( 20 Dec 2021, 19:31File version: 
it needs a fast computer, all I can say, as it has do blitter and cooper in software, it might run on slower hardware as well just slower, it will sync with screen refresh. Yes, composition is pretty much mandatory these days, but code is available, if you like to remove that.
Comment by: Kjetil / LiveForIt ( 20 Dec 2021, 19:18File version: 
Well, this from the beginner’s tutorial from Scoopex. To learn to code assembler. Sure, it was never intended for demo competition, you find it here:
I should fix that.
Comment by: spot ( 20 Dec 2021, 08:38File version: 
His name is Photon and I doubt this is released under the Scoopex label.
Comment by: Primax ( 19 Dec 2021, 06:36File version: 
Update: Compositing is required as well. Now working...
Comment by: Primax ( 19 Dec 2021, 06:15File version: 
ptplay.library is required as well!
But besides, here it is not working. Please tell us: What was your test configuration? Any hardware requirements?
Comment by: Kjetil / LiveForIt ( 16 Dec 2021, 08:31File version: 
I had access to code thanks to the tutorial, so I did not need decompile anything.
so this method will work, on anything that is open source and available.
it is all explained in code:
Comment by: kas1e ( 16 Dec 2021, 04:58File version: 
Are you recompile sources with adding usage of libblitter.library ? Or that original .exe, and with libblitter.library you somehow patch the functions and redirect them ?

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