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 File comments for:  Datatype » Sound » mpegadt.lha


Description: play mpeg audio files (mp3)
Download: mpegadt.lha
Version: 20.4
Date: 28 Mar 2007
Category: datatype/sound
FileID: 2665
RSS Feed url: http://eu.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=datatype/sound/mpegadt.lha

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Comment by: Tuxedo ( 28 Mar 2007, 21:33File version: 20.4
Nice work Thomas!
Comment by: BillEaves ( 28 Mar 2007, 12:23File version: 20.4

There seems to be a problem with a few PNG images being recognised as sound
files via the MPEGA descriptor. This should not really be an issue as the vast
majority of PNG files are unaffected. However a few of the YAM images are and
rather than distribute images that have no problem the YAM developers are
insisting people move the MPEGA descriptor from devs:datatypes.

I use the datatype a lot not only to play mp3 files but to play a sound file in
my own software which happens to be an mp3 file. I do not want to remove the
descriptor just because of a couple of images in YAM.

Is it possible to update the MPEGA datatype to avoid this clash, or if the
author is no longer with the Amiga release the source so this problem can be
resolved ?


Comment by: Shadowolf ( 17 Aug 2006, 20:42File version: 20.4
Okay, I stand corrected, it was not the fault of mpega.datatype.
I had a fault mpega.library installed, some not released yet
libmad version...
Comment by: Shadowolf ( 15 Aug 2006, 23:17File version: 20.4
As long as mpega.datatype is active I can't display small
pictures thru multiview.
Anything below 6kb something is interpreted as audio,
gif, bmp, png, jpg - does not matter.
Comment by: Bitterloop ( 15 Jul 2006, 21:56File version: 20.4
It works!
Comment by: XxX ( 01 Aug 2005, 05:44File version: 20.1
Same here on my AOne with OS4 and Classic version.
Comment by: anonymous ( 31 Jul 2005, 23:51File version: 20.1
Please try the debug version from
Run SnoopDOS to get the debug output. Please send the SnoopDOS log to my email
Comment by: Chris Young ( 31 Jul 2005, 23:37File version: 20.1
Tried with Multiview (OS4) and sfx (68k). Multiview says "Unknown data
type", and sfx gives error "Can't get sample object". SnoopDOS
shows the datatype code is being loaded but does not indicate that either
mpega.library or the selected file are being opened. I have the OS4 native
mpega.library installed.
Comment by: Thomas Rapp ( 31 Jul 2005, 22:46File version: 20.1
@Chris: which is the calling program and what is the error message ? OS4 or 68k
? Does it work with Multiview ?
Comment by: Chris Young ( 31 Jul 2005, 21:37File version: 20.1
Doesn't work here. datatypes.library correctly identifies MPEG audio files and
opens mpega.datatype, but the datatype itself doesn't open the file. The
calling program then throws up an error.

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