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 File comments for:  Audio » Edit » protrekkr.lha


Description: Music tracker formerly known as NoiseTrekker
Download: protrekkr.lha
Version: 2.6.3r1
Date: 25 Dec 2023
Category: audio/edit
FileID: 12776
RSS Feed url: http://eu.os4depot.net/modules/comments/rssfeed.php?file=audio/edit/protrekkr.lha

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Comment by: HKvalhe ( 08 Apr 2019, 16:48File version: 2.5.5
Looks great. Keep it up.
Comment by: Maximvs Payne ( 06 Apr 2019, 12:41File version: 2.0.1
Awesome Tracker, love it! But where is the newer Version 2.5.4?
Comment by: mrodfr ( 13 Apr 2010, 17:08File version: 2.0.1
thanks for the informations ;-)

Do you know why, by just loading a module, that mean create needed channels and load instruments push the CPU to 100% forever on SAM667EP ???

I understand a CPU100 % when playing the module (and add realtime effects for sounds,....) mean CPU 100% just when earing the music.
Comment by: salass00 ( 13 Apr 2010, 10:51File version: 2.0.1
- ask for a 'work:' assignation at start-up

Just delete the ptk.cfg file before starting ProTrekkr. It shouldn't have been included in the archive.

- with 1.98 when playing a module, it's OK / with 2.0.1, playing is not fluent

It is fast enough on µA1-C 800MHz. You can try increasing the PROTREKKR_MAIN_LOOP_DELAY:
20 fps:
10 fps:

Latency setting should be at least 100 ms to get good sound but if it's not enough you can try increasing it.
Comment by: shadowsun ( 13 Apr 2010, 07:01File version: 2.0.1
On my SAM flex 800 :
- ask for a 'work:' assignation at start-up
- with 1.98 when playing a module, it's OK / with 2.0.1, playing is not fluent
Comment by: mrodfr ( 12 Apr 2010, 18:48File version: 2.0.1
on SAM667EP, load protrekker take 4-5% CPU. loading a module = 100% CPU (even when not playing).

playing the module with protrekker (on a window) and use the quit window gadget = freeze.

no problem because protrekker is slow on the SAM. Just would like to explain if protrekker shouln't be (too much) slow because v2.0.1 readme said improvements about this point.
Comment by: spot ( 07 Apr 2010, 18:38File version: 1.98k
Protrekkr II is out!!
Looots of changes! The latest:


- Big tracker & replay speed up. - Volume of instruments were left at 0 when loading waveforms. - Added the possibility to only delete the current instrument split. - Fixed an issue within .ptp saving function.
Comment by: xenic ( 26 Aug 2009, 16:51File version: 1.98k
Could you add an Amiga version string so we can easily tell if we have the latest version.
Comment by: anonymous ( 11 Mar 2009, 23:29File version: 1.98d
Yes Slow on my SAM 667Mhz :(
Comment by: IamSONIC ( 10 Mar 2009, 00:16File version: 1.98d
On SAM440ep @ 667 MHz unusable slow, not possible to play one of the included demo modules. Only programm opened without doing anything needs 100% CPU Power.
Comment by: LiveForIt ( 09 Mar 2009, 23:29File version: 1.98d
Cool program, but it does need some graphic optimizing, maybe use hw sprite for mouse might make look smoother and maybe picasso96.
Comment by: Cobra ( 09 Mar 2009, 20:59File version: 1.98d
got this crash as soon as starting it: http://crashlog.os4depot.net/cl148

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