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File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
lulin.lhauti/sci553b25 Feb 20094.0211¤ Lulin - Comet Lulin UOF FIle for Digital Universe
eliza.lhauti/sci27kb21 Feb 20114.0355¤ Eliza - Therapist simulation for OS4 with speech
3dstars_nld.lhauti/sci129kb07 Sep 20104.0240¤ 3dstars_nl - Netherlands catalog and Amiguide file for 3D Stars
qtresistors.lhauti/sci0.147kb25 Jul 20134.0386¤ QTResistors - calculate resistance of resistors
wwsr.lhauti/sci0.5.150kb21 Aug 20124.0287¤ Wwsr - USB weather station reader + Wet plugin
sdlsand.lhauti/sci124kb03 Jun 20074.0439¤ Sdlsand - A cool falling sand simulator toy.
mycalcppc.lhauti/sci2.0159kb19 Sep 20054.0422¤ Mycalcppc - MyCalcPPC Commodity Calc w/Source Code
gnubc.lhauti/sci1.06175kb25 Aug 20084.0158¤ Gnubc - Numeric processing language
flcalc.lhauti/sci0.99.1184kb06 May 20054.0323¤ Flcalc - flCalc
funiter.lhauti/sci2.3.4192kb12 Jan 20094.0298¤ Funiter - A graph generator
calcus.lhauti/sci0.1224kb10 Aug 20134.1178¤ Calcus - A cross-platform scriptable calculator.
gocr.lhauti/sci0.46314kb30 Oct 20084.0274¤ Gocr - Optical Character Recognition
du_patch.lhauti/sci17update355kb25 Jan 20164.0122¤ DU17 Patch - A small patch for Digital Universe v1.7
rebulator.taruti/sci0.4.1360kb28 Feb 20124.0167¤ Rebulator - A non oop Mui Calculator
vizmol.lhauti/sci0.4367kb23 Jul 20134.0345¤ VizMol - A Simple PDB format molecule viewer using Qt/OGL
hp11c.lhauti/sci1.3378kb24 Jul 20054.0444¤ Hp11c - HP11C calculator including the program mode
sdlcalc.lhauti/sci0.0.1462kb17 Oct 20064.0359¤ Sdlcalc - An advanced calculator
clustalw.lhauti/sci1.83585kb06 Jan 20054.0213¤ Clustalw - The famous alignment tool.
mathx.lhauti/sci2.0613kb13 May 20104.0298¤ Mathx - Math program for AmigaOS
qeasycalc.lhauti/sci0.1688kb11 Aug 20134.1114¤ QEasyCalc - Calculator with Reverse Polish notation.
yacas.lhauti/sci1.2.2821kb26 Jun 20104.0179¤ Yacas - Yet Another Computer Algebra System
gpsbabel.lhauti/sci1.3.4834kb26 Mar 20154.0148¤ GPSBabel - Convert, upload, download data from GPS and Map ..
hex2.lhauti/sci0.2867kb21 Dec 20224.036¤ Hex2 - Simple calculator with variables support
muiplot.lhauti/sci0.2905kb09 Dec 20224.064¤ MUIPlot - Simple function plotter
qonverter.lhauti/sci0.5.9+git1Mb31 Jul 20134.1158¤ Quonverter - Unit/currency converter and calculator
qmetrics.lhauti/sci0.2.21Mb04 Aug 20134.0138¤ QMetrics - Qt measurement unit converter application
freud.lhauti/sci2Mb11 Jan 20074.0194¤ Freud - A standalone C++ port of the Emacs Psychiatrist
bewegungsdetektor.lhauti/sci2.02Mb20 Mar 20164.096¤ Bewegungs Detektor - Learn and visualize motion detector (EMD)
glglobe.lhauti/sci4Mb01 Oct 20084.0349¤ Glglobe - A nice OpenGL worldglobe
morse.ziputi/sci15Mb22 Oct 20194.078¤ Morse - You want to learn Morse language, here you are
wordnet.lhauti/sci3.59Mb08 Jan 20134.1389¤ Wordnet - Electronic database of the English language
dudemo.lhauti/sci1.6.114Mb07 Mar 20094.0328¤ Dudemo - Digital Universe 1.6 Demo Version
3d_stars.lhauti/sci1.025Mb25 Dec 20094.0323¤ 3d_stars - Stellar Neighbourhood Explorer
du_xl_maps.lhauti/sci1.741Mb29 Dec 20124.0152¤ Du_xl_maps - Additional Feature Maps for Digital Universe
celestia.lhauti/sci1.6.044Mb14 Jul 20094.0635¤ Celestia - Celestia
stellarium.lhauti/sci0.11.445Mb31 Aug 20134.1354¤ Stellarium - An open source planetarium (Qt)
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