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Files in this category  [View flat]

File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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datenbank.lha0.143Mb20 Nov 20134.0137¤ Video-DVD Datenbank - Simple offline Database done with MUIBase
tierlexikon.lha0.194Mb13 Mar 20164.171¤ Tierlexikon - Simple Animal-Database done with MUIbase
sqlman.lha0.59Mb21 Jun 20194.092¤ SQLMan - SQLite database manager
cutereport.lha0.813Mb28 Nov 20134.1154¤ CuteReport - Report designer and solutiontable calculator.
blu_manager.lha0.945kb13 Jan 20144.0324¤ Blu_manager - Blu ray movie database program
play_button.zip11kb19 Nov 20094.0293¤ Play_button - Examples of MUIBase database
artbase.lha1.054Mb01 Jul 20154.0215¤ ArtBase - Create tables and databases
vmt.lha1.017Mb24 Oct 20174.1130¤ VMT - Vehicles costs management tool
sqliteman.lha1.2.25Mb12 Aug 20134.1198¤ SQLiteMan - Qt GUI to manage SQLite databases
mzfriends.lha1.3.0676kb24 May 20054.0393¤ Mzfriends - Simple database program
datadisplay.lha2.111Mb16 Sep 20144.0185¤ Data Display - A Database Program with Samples
mycatalog.zip3.49Mb09 Aug 20194.041¤ myCatalog - Manage your favorite collections
iodbc.lha3.52.72Mb13 Jun 20204.045¤ iODBC - Indipendent Open Database
iodbc_sdk.lha3.52.7662kb13 Jun 20204.032¤ iODBC SDK - Indipendent Open Database SDK
quickfile.lha4.003Mb24 Feb 20084.0497¤ Quickfile - Powerful, fast and easy database
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