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File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
datadisplay.lhaoff/dat2.111Mb16 Sep 20144.0290¤ Data Display - A Database Program with Samples
ignition.lhaoff/spr1.225Mb30 Jul 20234.1110¤ Ignition - A modern spreadsheet
ignition-src.lhaoff/spr1.221Mb30 Jul 20234.019¤ Ignition source - A modern spreadsheet (source)
homebank.lhaoff/mis4.6.312Mb30 Apr 20204.1258¤ Homebank - A personal accounting program for AmiCygnix
gnumeric.lhaoff/spr1.10.17r753Mb30 Aug 20204.1231¤ Gnumeric - A spreadsheet for AmiCygnix
abiword.lhaoff/wor2.8.6r454Mb17 Aug 20204.1563¤ Abiword - AbiWord 2.8.6 r4 for AmiCygnix
alaska.lhaoff/pre2.0123Mb01 Mar 20124.1108¤ Alaska - Alaska Kanada West Multimedia Travel Guide
stardict.lhaoff/mis3.0.0r335Mb10 Oct 20204.189¤ Stardict - An international dictionary for AmiCygnix
spice3f5.lhaoff/mis3f5PPC989kb14 Mar 20064.0506¤ Spice3f5 - Analog circuit simulator
blu_manager.lhaoff/dat0.945kb13 Jan 20144.0351¤ Blu_manager - Blu ray movie database program
cinnamon_writer.lhaoff/wor0.8016Mb01 Apr 20124.01162¤ Cinnamon_writer - Compact and efficient word processor
artbase.lhaoff/dat1.054Mb01 Jul 20154.0242¤ ArtBase - Create tables and databases
aspell-dict-cs.lhaoff/wor20040614-13Mb23 Dec 20084.0148¤ Aspell-dict-cs - Czech dictionary for AbiWord and other programs (aspell)
aspell-dict_dan.lhaoff/wor0.50.1-04Mb23 Dec 20084.0143¤ Aspell-dict-da - Danish dictionary for AbiWord and other programs (aspell)
aorganiser.lhaoff/mis1.4838kb07 Jan 20174.0454¤ Aorganiser - Diary
pointrider.lhaoff/pre0.50660kb12 Feb 20084.0629¤ Pointrider - Display PPS files and convert them to Hollywood
aspell-dict-nl.lhaoff/wor0.50-22Mb01 Apr 20134.0229¤ Aspell-dict-nl - Dutch dictionary for AbiWord and other programs (a
ignition_nld.lhaoff/spr1.058kb08 Dec 20154.1107¤ ignition_nld - Dutch translation of ignition
aspell-dict-en.lhaoff/wor6.0-02Mb23 Dec 20084.0492¤ Aspell-dict-en - English dictionary for AbiWord and other programs (aspell)
play_button.zipoff/dat11kb19 Nov 20094.0314¤ Play_button - Examples of MUIBase database
cyflogau.lhaoff/mis0.95860kb21 Sep 20104.0181¤ Cyflogau - Financial Management for Self Employed Individuals
aspell-dict_fin.lhaoff/wor0.7-0823kb23 Dec 20084.0146¤ Aspell-dict-fi - Finnish dictionary for AbiWord and other programs (aspell)
aspell-dict_fra.lhaoff/wor0.50.37Mb23 Dec 20084.0228¤ Aspell-dict-fr - French dictionary for AbiWord and other programs (aspell)
aspell-dict_deu.lhaoff/wor20030222-14Mb21 Apr 20094.0354¤ Aspell-dict-de - German dictionary for AbiWord and other programs (aspell)
aspell-dict_ell.lhaoff/wor0.50.35Mb28 Dec 20084.0224¤ Aspell-dict-el - Greek dictionary for AbiWord and other programs (a
pointriderui.lhaoff/pre51.455kb24 May 20074.0906¤ Pointriderui - GUI for PointRider OS4 version.
lifetime2.lhaoff/mis2.0.1540kb08 Aug 20134.1143¤ Lifetime2 - helps you keep track of your working time.
aspell-dict-hu.lhaoff/wor0.99.4.2-02Mb23 Dec 20084.0119¤ Aspell-dict-hu - Hungarian dictionary for AbiWord and other programs (aspell)
ign-addon-ods.lhaoff/spr0.38204kb18 Jul 20234.167¤ Ign-addon-ods - Ignition addon for access ods-files
ign-addon-xlsx.lhaoff/spr0.11303kb08 Dec 20224.181¤ Ign-addon-xlsx - Ignition addon for access xlsx-files
iodbc.lhaoff/dat3.52.72Mb13 Jun 20204.070¤ iODBC - Indipendent Open Database
iodbc_sdk.lhaoff/dat3.52.7662kb13 Jun 20204.049¤ iODBC SDK - Indipendent Open Database SDK
pointriderui_ita.lhaoff/pre1.09kb18 Apr 20204.046¤ PointRiderUIItaCat - Italian catalog for PointRiderUI v51.3
aspell-dict_ita.lhaoff/wor2.2_20050523-0923kb23 Dec 20084.0260¤ Aspell-dict-it - Italian dictionary for AbiWord and other programs (aspell)
luettjebookholler.lhaoff/mis1.862Mb18 Jul 20234.135¤ Luettje Bookholler - Little Personal Finance program
mycatalog.zipoff/dat3.49Mb09 Aug 20194.067¤ myCatalog - Manage your favorite collections
musescore.lhaoff/mis1.2177Mb07 Jul 20134.1227¤ Musescore - Musical score editing for Qt4
aspell-dict_nor.lhaoff/wor0.50-21Mb23 Dec 20084.0133¤ Aspell-dict-no - Norwegian dictionary for AbiWord and other programs (aspell)
amipcb.lhaoff/cad1.11573kb06 Nov 20054.0867¤ Amipcb - PCB vectorial electronics program
rnopublisher.lhaoff/dtp1.08Mb29 Jul 20204.0200¤ RNOPublisher - PDF creator
pointriderui_fra.lhaoff/pre1.12kb24 May 20074.0303¤ Pointriderui-fr - PointRiderUI french catalog
aspell-dict_pol.lhaoff/wor6.0_20061121-02Mb23 Dec 20084.0187¤ Aspell-dict-pl - Polish dictionary for AbiWord and other programs (aspell)
aspell-dict-pt.lhaoff/wor20070206-0367kb23 Dec 20084.0168¤ Aspell-dict-pt - Portuguese dictionary for AbiWord and other programs (aspell)
quickfile.lhaoff/dat4.003Mb24 Feb 20084.0519¤ Quickfile - Powerful, fast and easy database
textedit.gzoff/wor12Mb14 Oct 20214.1103¤ Qt6 TextEdit - Preview of upcomming Qt6 release
beebase.lhaoff/dat1.078Mb10 Jan 20234.081¤ BeeBase - Programmable relational database w/ GUI
qsimplesheet.lhaoff/spr0.3.96Mb01 Aug 20134.0392¤ QSimpleSheet - Qt : simple and fast spreadsheet
sqliteman.lhaoff/dat1.2.25Mb12 Aug 20134.1309¤ SQLiteMan - Qt GUI to manage SQLite databases
cutereport.lhaoff/dat0.813Mb28 Nov 20134.1251¤ CuteReport - Report designer and solutiontable calculator.
aspell-dict_rus.lhaoff/wor0.99f7-12Mb28 Dec 20084.0123¤ Aspell-dict-ru - Russian dictionary for AbiWord and other programs
amicad.lhaoff/cad2.271Mb30 Nov 20084.0924¤ Amicad - Schematics vectorial electronics program
tierlexikon.lhaoff/dat0.194Mb13 Mar 20164.187¤ Tierlexikon - Simple Animal-Database done with MUIbase
mzfriends.lhaoff/dat1.3.0676kb24 May 20054.0409¤ Mzfriends - Simple database program
datenbank.lhaoff/dat1.051Mb14 Nov 20214.147¤ Video-DVD Datenbank - Simple offline Database done with MUIbase
stardict-src.lhaoff/mis3.0.0r31Mb10 Oct 20204.135¤ Stardict-src - Sources of StarDict 3.0.0 r3 for AmiCygnix
abiword-src.lhaoff/wor2.8.6r47Mb17 Aug 20204.1171¤ Abiword-src - Sources of the AbiWord 2.8.6 r4 package
gnumeric-src.lhaoff/spr1.10.17r74Mb30 Aug 20204.149¤ Gnumeric-src - Sources of the Gnumeric 1.10.17 r7 package
homebank-src.lhaoff/mis4.6.3523kb30 Apr 20204.1144¤ Homebank-src - Sources of the Homebank package
aspell-dict_spa.lhaoff/wor0.50-24Mb23 Dec 20084.0166¤ Aspell-dict-es - Spanish dictionary for AbiWord and other programs (aspell)
ignition_68k.lhaoff/spr1.0beta1542kb06 Dec 20074.0839¤ Ignition_68k - Spreadsheet program
sqlman.lhaoff/dat0.59Mb21 Jun 20194.0132¤ SQLMan - SQLite database manager
aspell-dict_swe.lhaoff/wor0.51-01Mb23 Dec 20084.0143¤ Aspell-dict-sv - Swedish dictionary for AbiWord and other programs (aspell)
vmt.lhaoff/dat1.017Mb24 Oct 20174.1152¤ VMT - Vehicles costs management tool
lilcalendar.lhaoff/mis2.42Mb08 May 20234.036¤ Lil Calendar - Versatile calendar and reminder program
printaspdf.lhaoff/wor11kb16 Jun 20094.0510¤ Printaspdf - Wordworth macro for easy PDF printing
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