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File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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qgmail.lha585kb16 Aug 20134.1235¤ QGmail - A GMail notifier that lives in AmiDock
freepops.lha0.0.961Mb28 Dec 20054.0462¤ Freepops - FreePOPs
readmails.lha0.13kb17 Jun 20054.0265¤ Readmails - Read the senders of emails with YAM (Arexx)
sdlmail.lha0.2127kb10 Oct 20064.0224¤ Sdlmail - A dirt-simple commandline SMTP mailer
simplemail_openssl.lha0.422Mb25 Dec 20154.0263¤ SimpleMail (OpenSSL) - E-Mail Client using MUI
simplemail.lha0.451Mb24 Dec 20184.0226¤ SimpleMail - E-Mail Client using MUI
lvmsgout.lha1.0122kb02 May 20064.0307¤ Lvmsgout - LeaveOut YAM message link on Workbench
ripmine.lha1.4.0.5328kb30 Jul 20054.0249¤ Ripmine - ripMIME tool to decode MIME formatted messages
yam_ell.lha1.645kb09 Jan 20144.084¤ Yam_greek - Greek catalog files for YAM and Install-YAM
sylpheed-src.lha2.6.0272kb13 Apr 20094.0127¤ Sylpheed-src - Sources of Sylpheed 2.6.0 and related libs for AmiCygnix
sylpheed.lha2.6.07Mb13 Apr 20094.0413¤ Sylpheed - Sylpheed E-Mail for AmigaOS 4 (AmiCygnix)
yam.lha2.94Mb26 Dec 20134.0409¤ Yam - MUI-based E-mail client
claws-mail-src.lha3.9.24Mb04 Dec 20194.124¤ Claws-mail-src - Sources of Claws Mail and related libs (AmiCygnix)
claws-mail.lha3.9.257Mb04 Dec 20194.199¤ Claws-mail - Claws Mail - an email client for AmiCygnix
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