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Files in this category  [View flat]

File Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
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guigfxlib.lha20.0235kb25 Jan 20154.0310¤ Guigfx.library - Application layer for pixel graphics
zbar.lha1.1(0.10)898kb27 May 20124.0135¤ Zbar - Barcode scanner library + CLI tool
libboostygfx.lha1.0.4402kb14 Aug 20154.1494¤ LibBoosty V1.0.4 - BoostyGFX library used with Huno's games
libboostygfxv2.lha2.0.1414kb01 Jan 20154.1546¤ LibBoostGFX2.0 - BoostyGFX library used with Huno's games
wazp3d.lhaBeta55.11Mb16 Oct 20144.1651¤ Wazp3D - CPU only Warp3D implementation
renderlib.lha40.8197kb22 Oct 20134.0297¤ RenderLib - Image processing kernel
microbe3d.lha3340Mb23 Feb 20154.0137¤ Microbe3 - micro .obj 3D engine using Warp3D
pixman_lib.lha53.3294kb24 Dec 20174.090¤ Libpixman-1 - Pixman-1 as an AmigaOS shared library
webp_lib.lha4.11Mb27 Sep 20124.0195¤ Webp_lib - WebP image codec library
xvidcore_lib.lha52.2269kb03 Jun 20094.0932¤ Xvidcore_lib - Xvidcore codec library
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