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File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
aceofhearts_demo.lhagam/carv1.915Mb03 Mar 20144.1179¤ Ace Of Hearts - CASINO POKER
aceyducey.lhagam/car3.12Mb13 Nov 20144.0158¤ AceyDucey - simulation of the Acey Ducey card game
baccarat.lhagam/car1.08Mb26 Jul 20234.035¤ Baccarat - A card game from Dr. No and Casino Royal movies
blackivan.lhagam/car1.0014Mb07 Sep 20234.053¤ BlackIvan - A blackjack clone
blackjuan.lhagam/car1.105Mb16 Aug 20234.058¤ Blackjuan Poker Card - Blackjack clone
casino.lhagam/car0.1472kb26 May 20054.0365¤ Casino - A simple two player card game against the computer
deckofcards.lhagam/car259kb18 Aug 20104.1232¤ Deckofcards - a deck of cards
d_poker.lhagam/car1.11326kb02 May 20054.0365¤ D_poker - Port of Destructive Poker to OS4
hearts.lhagam/car1.0124kb21 Aug 20084.0347¤ Hearts - Hearts card game
hle-pokercard.lhagam/carFinal7Mb29 Apr 20244.071¤ High-Low-Equal Poker - Guess the next card to appear in the table
pyhearts.lhagam/car140kb22 Aug 20104.1270¤ Pyhearts - Hearts, the playing card game.
qbriscola.lhagam/car1.1.111Mb28 Jul 20134.0172¤ QBriscolla - Qt Italian card game Briscola
qsolocards.lhagam/car0.99.11Mb12 Jan 20144.0295¤ QSoloCards - Qt : classic card games (Klondike, FreeCell...)
sdlmemory.lhagam/car0.23Mb11 Aug 20064.0277¤ Sdlmemory - Pairs game
sieteymedida.lhagam/car1.104Mb16 Aug 20234.054¤ Siete Y Media - The Siete y Media card game.
soliton.lhagam/car2.2368kb16 Mar 20054.0996¤ Soliton - A Solitaire/Freecell card game
soliton_rus.lhagam/car2.2331kb26 Jun 20204.058¤ soliton_rus - Russian translation for Soliton 2.2
vpoker.lhagam/car1.081kb24 Mar 20054.0476¤ Vpoker - Video Poker
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