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Audio related software

Files in this category and sub categories  [View normal]

File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
seq.lhaaud/mis2.11416kb22 Apr 20244.176¤ Seq - MIDI sequencer
faac.lhaaud/con1.3076kb22 Apr 20244.175¤ Faac - Freeware Advanced Audio Coder
faad2.lhaaud/con2.11.1217kb22 Apr 20244.187¤ Faad2 - FAAD2 AAC decoder
wildmidi.lhaaud/pla0.4.632Mb15 Apr 20244.141¤ WildMIDI - A simple software midi player
pt2_clone.lhaaud/tra1.6724Mb22 Mar 20244.197¤ pt2_clone - Ported clone of Protracker II
rave.lhaaud/edi1.73Mb25 Feb 20244.1165¤ Rave - An editor for mono/stereo audio files
sonoscontroller.lhaaud/mis1.43Mb23 Feb 20244.140¤ SonosController - Control Sonos speakers with your Amiga
imp3.lhaaud/pla3.42047kb25 Jan 20244.0121¤ IMP3 - Do stuff on Amiga!
vumeter.lhaaud/mis53.7246kb31 Dec 20234.048¤ VUMeter - Audio VUMeter display
protrekkr.lhaaud/edi2.6.3r123Mb25 Dec 20234.1148¤ Protrekkr - Music tracker formerly known as NoiseTrekker
nallepuh.lhaaud/mis1.8504kb11 Dec 20234.178¤ Nallepuh - Nalle Puh (Paula,CIAA,CIAB emulation)
milkytracker-sdl2.lhaaud/tra/mil1.042Mb14 Oct 20234.1111¤ MilkyTracker - SDL2 version of an FT2 compatible music tracker
usbaudio2.lhaaud/rec53.190kb26 Aug 20234.1127¤ USBAudio2 - Record and Play audio over USB Audio2 interface
amigaamp3.lhaaud/pla3.342Mb23 May 20234.1331¤ AmigaAMP3 - Multi format audio player with GUI
rnotunes.lhaaud/pla1.110Mb11 Apr 20234.1124¤ RNOTunes - Multi-format audio player
vintagesongplayer.lhaaud/pla2.552Mb18 Mar 20234.049¤ Vintage Song Player - A JukeBox multiformat player
modexplorerce.lhaaud/pla1.12Mb25 Dec 20224.061¤ ModExplorer CE - Streaming mod file from Internet with more feature
modexplorerng.lhaaud/pla3.823Mb25 Dec 20224.079¤ ModExplorer NG - Streaming mod file from Internet
gym2vgmv.lhaaud/con1.413kb22 Dec 20224.038¤ gym2vgm - Converts GYM, SSL, and CYM files to VGM
gym2vgm.lhaaud/con1.413kb19 Dec 20224.033¤ gym2vgm - Converts GYM, SSL, and CYM files to VGM
aifc2wav.lhaaud/con0.0319kb18 Dec 20224.047¤ aifc2wav - will save IMA4, SOWT and SDX2, AIFC co
nes_8to1v2.lhaaud/con0.210kb15 Dec 20224.024¤ nes_8to1V2 - Converts 8-bit samples to NES's 1-bit
rnoinfoscreen.lhaaud/pla1.812Mb21 Nov 20224.177¤ RNOInfoScreen - Music player front-end and info screen
daplayer.lhaaud/pla1.141Mb19 Nov 20224.0115¤ Digital Audio Player - A digital audio player for Amiga
ht.lhaaud/edi1.9964kb29 Oct 20224.078¤ Ht - Multichannel chiptune tracker, based on AHX
notification_sounds.lhaaud/mis1.05Mb27 Jan 20214.0146¤ Notification_Sounds - Sound samples for Notification
songplayer.lhaaud/pla1.64468kb15 Jul 20204.0215¤ SongPlayer - Cool and powerful audio player
aacplusenc.lhaaud/con0.17.5858kb08 Apr 20204.0103¤ Aacplusenc-0.17.5 - Encode AAC+ (AACPlus) music with source
easytag.lhaaud/edi2.1.811Mb02 Dec 20194.1131¤ Easytag - EasyTAG - an audio file tagger for AmiCygnix
easytag-src.lhaaud/edi2.1.82Mb02 Dec 20194.159¤ Easytag-src - Sources of EasyTAG and related libs for AmiCygnix
flitegui.lhaaud/mis1.271kb16 Aug 20194.0160¤ FliteGUI - GUI for the Flite speach program
mp3gain.lhaaud/edi1.6.2290kb24 Nov 20184.1120¤ Mp3gain - Changes the volume of mp3s
playmate.lhaaud/mis0.2190kb25 Jul 20184.0174¤ Playmate - General purpose instrument tuner & metronome
mixer.lhaaud/mis1.42670kb30 Mar 20184.1723¤ Mixer - Audio mixer
adripper.lhaaud/mis1.131Mb22 Mar 20184.11096¤ ADRipper - Audio CD grabber and encoder
lame.lhaaud/rec3.1001Mb18 Nov 20174.0382¤ Lame - Lame MP3 encoder
hivelytracker.lhaaud/tra1.86Mb02 Oct 20174.1427¤ HivelyTracker - Tracker program based upon the AHX format
amimod.lhaaud/pla0.11Mb10 Apr 20174.1214¤ Amimod - A simple player to play mod (protracker) files.
sess.lhaaud/mis1.040kb22 Feb 20174.0101¤ Sess - Start/stop multiple MIDI sequencers from one place
songwrangler.lhaaud/pla0.95170kb25 Jan 20164.1194¤ SongWrangler - An iTunes like front end for AmigaAMP3
recordbox.lhaaud/mis0.3.12Mb29 Nov 20154.1166¤ RecordBox - Add cover art to M3U playlists
noteplayer.lhaaud/pla1.018kb06 Sep 20154.1204¤ Noteplayer - Play notes at command line
adripper_ell.lhaaud/mis1.23kb26 Apr 20154.1289¤ ADRipper_Greek - Greek catalog file for ADRipper
sirenaplayer.lhaaud/pla3.003Mb01 Mar 20154.0214¤ SirenaPlayer - An easy mod, mp3, ogg and wav Vintage Player
daplayer_ita.lhaaud/mis9kb01 Jan 20154.0207¤ DAplayer_ITA - italian catalog for DAPlayer
4096live.lhaaud/mis0.07966kb18 Dec 20144.1235¤ 4096 Live - Software synth interface for live performances
jacktunes.lhaaud/pla0.22Mb26 Oct 20144.1183¤ JackTunes - An iTunes Library player for AmigaOS
camdplay.lhaaud/pla53.271kb13 Sep 20144.0118¤ Camdplay - A MIDI file player
tedsounds.lhaaud/tra1.015Mb11 Mar 20144.0210¤ TEDSounds - TED sound sample pack
atunes_cover_aamp.lhaaud/mis1.72Mb15 Feb 20144.1234¤ aTunes Cover AAmp - aTunes-AAmp "plugin" to display CoverArt & Ringhio
cutepiano.lhaaud/mis1.18Mb06 Dec 20134.1320¤ CutePiano - Simple piano keyboard build with Qt for AmigaOS
line6pod.lhaaud/mis1.016kb21 Nov 20134.1313¤ Line6PodEditor - Edit and create amp sounds on via Midi
amc.lhaaud/pla1.2235Mb23 Sep 20134.0457¤ AMC - Amiga Media Center
qtagger.lhaaud/edi1.0.11Mb16 Aug 20134.0260¤ qTagger - Qt : Simply ID3v2 MP3 tag editor
metronome.lhaaud/mis1.1174kb10 Aug 20134.0179¤ Metronome - Qt simple metronome
muitronome.lhaaud/mis0.284kb12 Jul 20134.0179¤ Muitronome - A Mui Ahi Metronome
gtuner.lhaaud/mis0.4.13Mb28 Jun 20134.0296¤ Gtuner - A Guitar Tuner
barsnpipes.lhaaud/mis0.9.982Mb23 Jun 20134.02867¤ Barsnpipes - A MIDI sequencer with lots of tools
nykk-bootsounds.zipaud/mis1.037Mb30 May 20134.0563¤ Nykk-bootsounds - 14 AmigaOS Boot Sounds by Nykk Deetronic
hvl2wav.zipaud/con1.296kb09 May 20134.0294¤ Hvl2wav - Converts Hively Tracker (HVL) tunes to WAV
audacious.lhaaud/pla3.2r413Mb19 Mar 20134.1661¤ Audacious - An audio-player for AmiCygnix based on XMMS
xmp.lhaaud/pla4.1(3.9.0)431kb15 Mar 20134.0385¤ Xmp - XMP multi-module player + TuneNet plugin
keyrythme.lhaaud/edi1.1.113Mb09 Mar 20134.0146¤ Keyrythme - Assign a keyboard key to a sound,
datatype_sound_signal.lhaaud/pla1.0644kb04 Mar 20134.0433¤ Datatype_sound_signal - Use of Sound datatype with messaging inter-prog
keyrythme_ell.lhaaud/edi1.1762b10 Feb 20134.0278¤ Keyrythme_gr - Greek catalog file for KeyRythme
dg_midi_monitor.lhaaud/mis1.0.042kb20 Dec 20124.0267¤ Dg_midi_monitor - MIDI Monitor
dg_midi_player.lhaaud/pla2.0.11369kb20 Dec 20124.0278¤ Dg_midi_player - Simple MIDI player
music-tagger.lhaaud/edi1.00A133kb06 Dec 20124.1488¤ Music-tagger - MP3 Tag Editor
jackcharts.lhaaud/pla1.24Mb04 Dec 20124.1247¤ Jackcharts - iTunes Chart Commodity for your Workbench
audacious-src.lhaaud/pla3.2r33Mb30 Nov 20124.1113¤ Audacious-src - Sources of the Audacious package
amisounded_ell.lhaaud/edi0.122kb21 Nov 20124.0179¤ Amisounded_greek - Greek catalog file for AmiSoundEd
softsyn.lhaaud/pla0.3.127Mb15 Nov 20124.0342¤ Softsyn - A software Synthesizer for OS4
vgmstream_tnplug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.1481kb02 Oct 20124.0206¤ Vgmstream_tnplug - VGMStream plugin for TuneNet
wsr_tnplug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.1106kb01 Oct 20124.0277¤ Wsr_tnplug - Wonderswan (.wsr) plugin for TuneNet
resid_tnplug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.22Mb24 Sep 20124.0225¤ Resid_tnplug - TuneNet SID plugin with ReSID support
adplug_tnplug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.8416kb16 Sep 20124.0177¤ Adplug_tnplug - AdPlug based plugin for TuneNet
acm_tnplug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.336kb10 Sep 20124.0328¤ Acm_tnplug - Interplay ACM plugin for TuneNet
zxssk_tnplug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.1112kb08 Sep 20124.0190¤ Zxssk_tnplug - ZX-SSK (PT2, PT3, VTX) TuneNet plugin
zxssk.lhaaud/pla2.3456kb07 Sep 20124.0175¤ Zxssk - ZX-Spectrum sound kit
pmd_tnplug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.1127kb28 Aug 20124.051¤ Pmd_tnplug - P/ECE PMD (.pmd) plugin for TuneNet
uade-src.tar.bz2aud/pla2.13r83Mb25 Aug 20124.1129¤ Uade-src - OS4 UADE + TuneNet plugin source code
uade.lhaaud/pla2.13r82Mb25 Aug 20124.1834¤ Uade - Unix Amiga Delitr. Emu + TuneNet plugin
sunshinelive.lhaaud/plaFinal293b19 Aug 20124.163¤ Sunshinelive - Sunshine-Live music radio stream plugin
ptplay_tnplug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.435kb05 Aug 20124.066¤ Ptplay_tnplug - ptplay.library based TuneNet plugin
klystrack_tnplug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.2102kb03 Aug 20124.0255¤ Klystrack_tnplug - Klystrack plugin for TuneNet
cddapatch.lhaaud/mis52.262kb03 Aug 20124.0226¤ Cddapatch - Redirects old-style CDDA code to use AHI
asap.lhaaud/pla3.1.2272kb31 Jul 20124.1261¤ Asap - Another Slight Atari Player
itunestom3u.zipaud/mis1.11Mb16 Jun 20124.0187¤ Itunestom3u - Turn iTunes Music Library into M3U playlist
keepahiopen.lhaaud/mis1.036kb12 May 20124.070¤ Keepahiopen - Keep AHI open to prevent the volume from resetting
ahirng.lhaaud/mis1.297kb17 Mar 20124.074¤ Ahirng - Random Number Generator via AHI
timidity_setup.lhaaud/pla76kb17 Feb 20124.0434¤ Timidity_setup - Help Installing Timidity
audioevolution4.lhaaud/rec4.0.131Mb12 Feb 20124.01916¤ Audioevolution4 - Audio Evolution 4 FULL version
playlists.lhaaud/pla/tun1.2176kb01 Jan 20124.1610¤ Playlists - Playlist for Tunenet
playcdda_gui.lhaaud/pla1.792kb25 Nov 20114.0612¤ Playcdda_gui - Play CD audio tracks using AHI
insaneplaya.lhaaud/pla53.334kb24 Nov 20114.183¤ Insaneplaya - A CD player with GUI and AHI output
diamplay.lhaaud/pla1.651kb01 Nov 20114.0432¤ Diamplay - MED and MOD player using low-level AHI
organya_tnplug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.187kb27 Apr 20114.0186¤ Organya_tnplug - Organya plugin for TuneNet
saa_tnplug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.1215kb27 Apr 20114.0249¤ Saa_tnplug - Sam Coupe plugin for TuneNet
ahirecord.lhaaud/rec1.21129kb16 Mar 20114.0680¤ Ahirecord - Advanced AHI HD-Recorder
scplayer.lhaaud/pla1.0822kb15 Jan 20114.0254¤ Scplayer - A player for Sam Coupe (.cop/.sng) music
pls2m3u.lhaaud/pla/tun1.04kb01 Jan 20114.0345¤ Pls2m3u - Convert pls lists to m3u
vgmstreamplay.lhaaud/pla1.0290kb28 Dec 20104.1751¤ Vgmstreamplay - Plays over 200 modern videogame music formats!
klysplay.lhaaud/pla1.184kb27 Dec 20104.0266¤ Klysplay - Klystrack commandline player
organyaplayer.lhaaud/pla1.076kb27 Dec 20104.1268¤ Organyaplayer - plays Organya (.org) music (From Cave Story etc)
klystrack.lhaaud/tra1.5.1r867m223kb14 Dec 20104.0493¤ Klystrack - A chiptune tracker
amigaamp-dec.lhaaud/mis2.2472kb13 Dec 20104.088¤ Amigaamp-dec - Enhanced OS4 decoding engine for AmigaAMP
waon.lhaaud/con0.9.1983kb02 Dec 20104.0222¤ Waon - Wave to notes, a wave to midi converter
mixersource.lhaaud/mis1.2787kb26 Oct 20104.0501¤ Mixersource - Mixer source code
flac.lhaaud/con1.2.1508kb06 Oct 20104.1666¤ Flac - Free Lossless Audio Codec
wavpack.lhaaud/con4.41.0199kb06 Oct 20104.1317¤ Wavpack - Hybrid Lossless Audio Compression
tunenet_xmp.lhaaud/pla/tun3.2881kb19 Sep 20104.0356¤ Tunenet_xmp - XMP multi-module plug-in for TuneNet
psg2mid.lhaaud/con2.0162kb31 Aug 20104.0312¤ Psg2mid - Convert PSG (Spectrum AY files) to MIDI
vgmstream.lhaaud/conSVN414kb31 Aug 20104.01238¤ Vgmstream - Converts A LOT of modern videogame music to wav
mpg123.lhaaud/pla20100831525kb30 Aug 20104.0263¤ Mpg123 - A commandline MP3 player.
tinysid.lhaaud/pla0.9436kb27 Aug 20104.076¤ Tinysid - A small, multiplatform SID player
prowiz.lhaaud/rip1.62400kb02 Aug 20104.0222¤ Prowiz - a music module (.mod) ripper
lameomat.lhaaud/con0.5790kb01 Aug 20104.0386¤ Lameomat - Gui for lame
horny-base.lhaaud/edi1.3207kb23 May 20104.0654¤ Horny-base - data files for Horn MIDI sequencer
horny-manual-de.lhaaud/edi1.03Mb23 May 20104.0278¤ Horny-manual-de - Manual for Horny MIDI sequencer 1.0 (German only!)
horny.lhaaud/edi1.3228kb23 May 20104.0673¤ Horny - easy to use MIDI sequencer in Logic/Cubase style
phonolith.lhaaud/edi1.0397kb23 May 20104.0387¤ Phonolith - Sampler Instrument
playlistconverter.lhaaud/con1.12Mb13 May 20104.0791¤ Playlistconverter - Convert playlists to m3u, pls, asx (HTC Mobile)
ami-playmod.lhaaud/pla1.02Mb05 May 20104.0445¤ Ami-playmod - ProTracker MOD player
cha05e90_skin.lhaaud/pla/tun1.225kb02 Apr 20104.0421¤ Cha05e90_skin - cha05e90 DockSkins for TuneNet
tunenet.lhaaud/pla/tunV0.92.562Mb14 Mar 20104.11888¤ Tunenet - Music Player (Multiformat)
amuse.lhaaud/pla/tun0.68.61Mb21 Feb 20104.0445¤ Amuse - Last.FM client and collection browser for TuneNet
radio_fg.lhaaud/pla/tun64kb06 Feb 20104.046¤ Radio_fg - Radio FG Pack Direct playing with tunenet :-)
jukebox_ita.raraud/mis24kb01 Dec 20094.0238¤ Jukebox_it - Italian catalog for Jukebox 2.0
jukebox.lhaaud/mis2.1136kb19 Nov 20094.0382¤ Jukebox - Old jukebox style GUI for external mus/vid players
amigaamp_play-pause.lhaaud/pla1.06kb16 Nov 20094.0451¤ Amigaamp_play-pause - AmigaAmp Play/Pause
deejayd.lhaaud/pla0.2alpha505kb17 Oct 20094.0315¤ Deejayd - DJ type music player with fading etc.
rockbeat.lhaaud/tra3.12Mb20 Sep 20094.0444¤ Rockbeat - Create drumming tracks and export them as WAVs
amigaamp-full.lhaaud/pla2.22408kb03 Aug 20094.01109¤ Amigaamp-full - MPEG audio player with GUI
simpleplay.lhaaud/pla3.8591kb31 Jul 20094.0779¤ Simpleplay - Plays MP3 OGG WAV VOC MOD S3M IT XM MIDI
tunexmp_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.4302kb14 Jul 20094.0428¤ Tunexmp_plug - Extended Module Player TuneNet plugin
soundstretch.lhaaud/edi1.4.0_0187kb11 Jul 20094.059¤ Soundstretch - A program that performs effects on WAV audio files
anr_skins.lhaaud/pla/tunV137kb20 Jun 20094.0625¤ Anr_skins - AmiNetRadio Skin Examples for TuneNet
xmsnes.lhaaud/con230kb19 Jun 20094.0521¤ Xmsnes - converts Mods to SPC (Super Nintendo)
speakerrangetester.lhaaud/mis1.0187kb16 Jun 20094.0205¤ Speakerrangetester - Tests the frequency response of speakers
q2mod.lhaaud/con445kb26 May 20094.0194¤ Q2mod - Converts AtariST Quartet music to Protracker MOD.
pmdplay.lhaaud/pla1.1114kb04 May 20094.0347¤ Pmdplay - Commandline P/ECE (.pmd) music player
tunewave_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.234kb07 Apr 20094.0655¤ Tunewave_plug - RIFF-WAVE plugin for TuneNet
halomus.lhaaud/rip0.25kb01 Apr 20094.0199¤ Halomus - Halo PC music extractor
whdread.lhaaud/ripr25kb01 Apr 20094.045¤ Whdread - Rips music from Hitman 2.
thp_ripper.lhaaud/rip6kb31 Mar 20094.036¤ Thp_ripper - Extracts audio tracks from .thp video files.
wwdumpsnd.lhaaud/rip7kb31 Mar 20094.0386¤ Wwdumpsnd - Rips soundfx from Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.
xtract360.lhaaud/rip10kb31 Mar 20094.0270¤ Xtract360 - Extracts files from XBOX 360 disc images.
adxtract.lhaaud/rip8kb31 Mar 20094.0336¤ Adxtract - Extracts ADX files from any archive.
aix2adx.lhaaud/rip4kb31 Mar 20094.01313¤ Aix2adx - Extracts ADXs from interleaved AIX files.
strip_silence.lhaaud/rip10kb31 Mar 20094.0288¤ Strip_silence - Strips or adds silence to and from WAV files.
tmnt3mn.lhaaud/rip4kb31 Mar 20094.0317¤ Tmnt3mn - Rips music from TMNT 3.
adxloop.lhaaud/rip4kb31 Mar 20094.0284¤ Adxloop - Forces an ADX to loop from end to beginning.
ripping_mama.lhaaud/rip16kb31 Mar 20094.0785¤ Ripping_mama - Extracts .rwav sounds from .brsar files.
sfxtract.lhaaud/rip4kb31 Mar 20094.0257¤ Sfxtract - Extracts DSP files from SFX files.
sptex.lhaaud/rip4kb31 Mar 20094.0321¤ Sptex - Extracts DSPs from Nintendo SPT/SPD pairs.
ssmex.lhaaud/rip5kb31 Mar 20094.039¤ Ssmex - Rips music from HAL (and others) games.
dumplarc.lhaaud/rip6kb30 Mar 20094.0310¤ Dumplarc - Rips music from some Doujin games.
fsbii.lhaaud/rip8kb30 Mar 20094.065¤ Fsbii - Rips music from various Wii games.
gcfsysd.lhaaud/rip4kb30 Mar 20094.0307¤ Gcfsysd - Rips music from Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness etc.
jbc.lhaaud/rip3kb30 Mar 20094.037¤ Jbc - Rips music from NHL Hitz Pro etc.
lafs.lhaaud/rip5kb30 Mar 20094.0319¤ Lafs - Extract files from AFS filesystems.
mood.lhaaud/rip4kb30 Mar 20094.0275¤ Mood - Rips music from Robotech: Battlecry.
pakthis.lhaaud/rip3kb30 Mar 20094.035¤ Pakthis - Rips music from Megaman X Collection.
puff8.lhaaud/rip18kb30 Mar 20094.0190¤ Puff8 - Rips music from Space Invaders Get Even etc.
bfbs.lhaaud/rip5kb30 Mar 20094.0188¤ Bfbs - Rips music from Beyond Good and Evil.
bigfat.lhaaud/rip3kb30 Mar 20094.0278¤ Bigfat - Rips music from Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones.
brsar_unpack.lhaaud/rip24kb30 Mar 20094.0318¤ Brsar_unpack - Finds sounds in .brsar files and decodes them.
degod_guessadx.lhaaud/rip23kb30 Mar 20094.0492¤ Degod_guessadx - ADX encryption tools
dkdsp.lhaaud/rip4kb30 Mar 20094.0330¤ Dkdsp - Inject your own music in Donkey Konga or Star Fox
revolutionb.lhaaud/rip23kb30 Mar 20094.038¤ Revolutionb - Creates .brstm files from mono standard .dsp files
adx2wavmod3.lhaaud/rip32kb30 Mar 20094.0346¤ Adx2wavmod3 - Rips music from Zack & Wiki
ast_multi.lhaaud/rip5kb30 Mar 20094.047¤ Ast_multi - Rips music from Super Mario Galaxy and others.
bbegex.lhaaud/rip3kb30 Mar 20094.0294¤ Bbegex - Rips music from Batman Begins.
tuneptk_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.3152kb30 Mar 20094.0352¤ Tuneptk_plug - ProTrekkr (.ptk) TuneNet plugin
dro2imf.lhaaud/con181kb18 Mar 20094.0197¤ Dro2imf - Convert DOSBox OPL caps to id Software Music Files
dro2midi.lhaaud/con1.3134kb18 Mar 20094.0338¤ Dro2midi - Convert DRO files to MIDI
tunebor_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.133kb18 Mar 20094.050¤ Tunebor_plug - Beats Of Rage (.bor) TuneNet plugin
borplay.lhaaud/pla0.1.147kb17 Mar 20094.083¤ Borplay - BOR music player
tunepac_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.131kb17 Mar 20094.047¤ Tunepac_plug - SBStudio PAC plugin for TuneNet
tuneenc_lame.lhaaud/pla/tun1.4544kb15 Mar 20094.0264¤ Tuneenc_lame - A liblame based encoder for TuneNet (Source)
tunemp-src.lhaaud/pla/tun170kb15 Mar 20094.0268¤ Tunemp-src - TuneNet ModPlug Plugin (Source)
tunetfmx-src.lhaaud/pla/tun40kb15 Mar 20094.0263¤ Tunetfmx-src - TuneNet TFMX Plugin (Source)
ptplaysrc.lhaaud/pla129kb15 Mar 20094.0365¤ Ptplaysrc - AHI protracker mod player (Source)
amisounded.lhaaud/edi0.12119kb04 Mar 20094.0165¤ Amisounded - 32-bit mono/stereo sound editor
amisounded-src.lhaaud/edi0.12491kb01 Mar 20094.0228¤ Amisounded-src - 32-bit mono/stereo sound editor
shorten.lhaaud/mis3.6.1682kb18 Feb 20094.0219¤ Shorten - shorten is a fast, low complexity waveform coder
normalize.lhaaud/edi0.7.7793kb14 Feb 20094.0269¤ Normalize - Adjust volume of Sound Files
sox.lhaaud/con14.2.02Mb14 Feb 20094.0437¤ Sox - converts sound files between many formats
gus_soundfont.lhaaud/plarelease430Mb05 Feb 20094.0917¤ Gus_soundfont - GravisUltraSound Patches/Soundfont
amisounded_deu.lhaaud/edi0.124kb31 Jan 20094.0430¤ Amisounded_german - German catalog file for AmiSoundEd v0.12
amiloudspeaker.lhaaud/mis1.247kb19 Jan 20094.068¤ Amiloudspeaker - Loudspeaker design tool
tunes98_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.2205kb27 Nov 20084.0390¤ Tunes98_plug - S98 plugin for TuneNet
checkmate.lhaaud/mis0.1829kb25 Nov 20084.059¤ Checkmate - Checks MP3 files for errors
hvscupdate-src.lhaaud/mis2.8.4129kb25 Nov 20084.0219¤ Hvscupdate-src - High Voltage SID Collection (HVSC) Update tool src
hvscupdate.lhaaud/mis2.8.4221kb25 Nov 20084.0238¤ Hvscupdate - High Voltage SID Collection (HVSC) Update tool
rom2snsf.lhaaud/con54kb23 Nov 20084.0348¤ Rom2snsf - snes music ripping tool (converts rom to snsf)
aacplusenc-src.lhaaud/con0.15246kb14 Nov 20084.0340¤ Aacplusenc-src - Encode AAC+ (AACPlus) music (Sources)
amisounded-wavpack.lhaaud/edi0.1200kb12 Nov 20084.0651¤ Amisounded-wavpack - WavPack plugin for AmiSoundED
tuneamr_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.2196kb06 Nov 20084.0434¤ Tuneamr_plug - 3GPP AMR TuneNet plugin
tunemtp_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.473kb06 Nov 20084.049¤ Tunemtp_plug - MegaTracker plugin for TuneNet
mtpng.lhaaud/pla4.3.169kb05 Nov 20084.0435¤ Mtpng - MegaTracker Player, the Next Generation
amr.lhaaud/mis7.0.0837kb04 Nov 20084.0211¤ Amr - Encode/decode 3GPP AMR files
aften.lhaaud/mis0.0.8314kb03 Nov 20084.0190¤ Aften - A/52 (AC3) audio encoder
amisounded-mp3.lhaaud/edi0.4526kb31 Oct 20084.0671¤ Amisounded-mp3 - MP3 plugin for SoundED
protracker5_src.zipaud/tra5.04Mb19 Oct 20084.0717¤ Protracker5_src - Protracker 5.0 Source Code
tunebonk_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.273kb16 Oct 20084.0367¤ Tunebonk_plug - Bonk plugin for TuneNet
bonk.lhaaud/mis0.6100kb16 Oct 20084.0257¤ Bonk - Encode, decode and play .bonk files
sounded-ogg.lhaaud/edi0.1240kb09 Sep 20084.0431¤ Sounded-ogg - OGG plugin for SoundED
aldo.lhaaud/mis0.7.5487kb27 Aug 20084.0222¤ Aldo - A morse training app.
tunehvl_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun51.665kb24 Aug 20084.0733¤ Tunehvl_plug - HivelyTracker (HVL) / AHX plugin for TuneNet
tuneape_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.163kb16 Aug 20084.051¤ Tuneape_plug - APE plugin for TuneNet
demac.lhaaud/con0.182kb20 Jun 20084.0312¤ Demac - Decoder for .ape files
tunewv_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.1436kb27 May 20084.0425¤ Tunewv_plug - WavPack (.wv) plugin for TuneNet
tunealac_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.242kb26 May 20084.063¤ Tunealac_plug - ALAC plugin for TuneNet
alac.lhaaud/con0.1.362kb24 May 20084.065¤ Alac - Apple Lossless Audio Codec decoder
tunemikmod_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.4219kb29 Apr 20084.0386¤ Tunemikmod_plug - LibMikMod based plugin for TuneNet
milkytracker.lhaaud/tra/mil0.90.80_012Mb23 Apr 20084.0876¤ Milkytracker - A multiplatform music tracker
aahr.lhaaud/mis6kb15 Apr 20084.0494¤ Aahr - Rips HivelyTracker and AHX tunes
tunemdx_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.2102kb13 Apr 20084.0598¤ Tunemdx_plug - MDX plugin for TuneNet
sexypsf.lhaaud/pla0.4.8129kb10 Apr 20084.056¤ Sexypsf - Commandline PSF/miniPSF player
mdxplay.lhaaud/pla770kb09 Apr 20084.0228¤ Mdxplay - Commandline MDX player
stsndplay.lhaaud/pla549kb26 Mar 20084.0207¤ Stsndplay - Commandline .sndh music player
tunemsx_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.5205kb26 Mar 20084.0308¤ Tunemsx_plug - MSXPlug based plugin for TuneNet
msxplugplay.lhaaud/pla1Mb25 Mar 20084.0184¤ Msxplugplay - Commandline mgs/kss music player
tunetfm_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.146kb18 Mar 20084.0484¤ Tunetfm_plug - TFC/TFD plugin for TuneNet
tunesndfile_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.1459kb17 Mar 20084.0292¤ Tunesndfile_plug - libsndfile based plugin for TuneNet
tuneymamp_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.2112kb17 Mar 20084.0391¤ Tuneymamp_plug - Callus/Genesis YM plugin for TuneNet
tunedsf_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.1277kb11 Mar 20084.0506¤ Tunedsf_plug - DSF (Sega Dreamcast) TuneNet plugin
tune2sf_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.1398kb11 Mar 20084.0656¤ Tune2sf_plug - 2SF (Nintendo DS) TuneNet plugin
playgsf.lhaaud/pla0.7.1743kb04 Mar 20084.0379¤ Playgsf - .gsf/.minigsf player
a52_avcodec.lhaaud/mis52.2134kb06 Feb 20084.01753¤ A52_avcodec - shared liba52 for AmigaOS4
timidity.lhaaud/pla0.7510kb05 Feb 20084.01081¤ Timidity - TiMidity - MIDI-files player/converter
tunepsf2_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.6449kb15 Jan 20084.0370¤ Tunepsf2_plug - PSF2/SPU (PlayStation) TuneNet plugin
tunessf_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.3483kb12 Dec 20074.0443¤ Tunessf_plug - Sega Saturn (SSF) plugin for TuneNet
tuneqsf_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.1335kb12 Dec 20074.0321¤ Tuneqsf_plug - Capcom QSound (QSF) plugin for TuneNet
tunebs_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.2144kb03 Dec 20074.0378¤ Tunebs_plug - Soundmon plugin for TuneNet
tunecube_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.4349kb29 Nov 20074.0343¤ Tunecube_plug - GameCube plugin for TuneNet
tunesc68_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.3633kb27 Nov 20074.0433¤ Tunesc68_plug - SC68 plugin for TuneNet
tunegsf_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.1619kb26 Nov 20074.0379¤ Tunegsf_plug - GSF (Gameboy Advance) plugin for TuneNet
tunepsf_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.3187kb22 Nov 20074.0542¤ Tunepsf_plug - PSF (Playstation) plugin for TuneNet
tuneau_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.123kb21 Nov 20074.0564¤ Tuneau_plug - Sun AU plugin for TuneNet
tunera_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun1.1.1164kb21 Nov 20074.0602¤ Tunera_plug - RealAudio plugin for TuneNet
shellplayer.lhaaud/pla1.06kb18 Oct 20074.074¤ Shellplayer - ptplay.library based commandline .mod-player
stsound.lhaaud/pla1.2-3718kb15 Oct 20074.0288¤ Stsound - plays ym ATARI tunes (with source)
adplaybasic.lhaaud/pla1.62Mb20 Sep 20074.0214¤ Adplaybasic - A command line player for Ad Lib music modules
adplay.lhaaud/pla1.69Mb19 Sep 20074.0437¤ Adplay - A command line player for Ad Lib music modules
tunetta_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun51.147kb11 Sep 20074.0658¤ Tunetta_plug - TTA Plugin for TuneNet
tunewma_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun51.1108kb11 Sep 20074.01016¤ Tunewma_plug - WMA Plugin for TuneNet.
ttaenc.lhaaud/con3.4.144kb12 Aug 20074.0401¤ Ttaenc - Encode your own lossless TTA audio files.
phatbeat.lhaaud/mis1.1867kb10 Aug 20074.0214¤ Phatbeat - A BPM Counter
strobe-bdcmptut.aviaud/tra/mil19Mb09 Jul 20074.0301¤ Strobe-bdcmptut - Milky Tracker Video Tutorial 'Compression'
a0xpretutorial_lq.aviaud/tra/mil9Mb09 Jul 20074.0413¤ A0xpretutorial_lq - Milky Tracker Video Tutorial 'Basic AXX usage'
aifc2wav.lhaaud/con512kb03 Jul 20074.0494¤ Aifc2wav - Converts IMA4, SOWT and SDX2, AIFC to WAV.
tunegme_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun51.3277kb30 Jun 20074.0170¤ Tunegme_plug - GME plugin for TuneNet
zvocoder.lhaaud/mis1.3615kb03 May 20074.0309¤ Zvocoder - Zirius Vocoder - Creates trendy robot voices!
ptmid.lhaaud/con122kb03 May 20074.0327¤ Ptmid - Converts midi music files to mod music files
asap2wav.lhaaud/con0.2.176kb03 May 20074.0842¤ Asap2wav - Converts Atari 8-bit SAP music to WAV
samplayer.lhaaud/mis159kb23 Apr 20074.0621¤ Samplayer - SAM Speech Synthesizer program now with a GUI!
gcmrt.lhaaud/mis58kb12 Apr 20074.0739¤ Gcmrt - Gamecube music ripping tools
tunempc_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun51.175kb10 Feb 20074.0662¤ Tunempc_plug - MusePack (.mpc) plugin for TuneNet
raplay.lhaaud/pla3.1266kb01 Jan 20074.0558¤ Raplay - Play/decode RealAudio v1/2/3 files (+src)
tunemidi_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun51.1121kb31 Dec 20064.01073¤ Tunemidi_plug - Midi Plugin for TuneNet
tunenet_dt.lhaaud/pla/tun1.318kb30 Dec 20064.0765¤ Tunenet_dt - Datatypes plug-in for TuneNet
tuneaac_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun51.356kb13 Dec 20064.091¤ Tuneaac_plug - AAC m4a plugin for TuneNet (Plays IPod files)
tuneflac_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun51.3128kb13 Dec 20064.01065¤ Tuneflac_plug - FLAC plugin for TuneNet
tunemp3_encode.lhaaud/pla/tunV1.4283kb13 Dec 20064.0993¤ Tunemp3_encode - Lame (MP3 like) Encoder for TuneNet
tuneogg-plug.lhaaud/pla/tunV1.2190kb13 Dec 20064.01193¤ Tuneogg-plug - Ogg Vorbis Plugin for TuneNet
tunesid_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun51.2300kb13 Dec 20064.0788¤ Tunesid_plug - SID plugin for TuneNet
tunevtx_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun51.149kb13 Dec 20064.043¤ Tunevtx_plug - VTX plugin for TuneNet
tuneym_plug.lhaaud/pla/tun51.198kb13 Dec 20064.0597¤ Tuneym_plug - YM plugin for TuneNet
minigsf.lhaaud/con32kb27 Nov 20064.0460¤ Minigsf - A simple utility to convert a GBA Rom to a GSF
psfpoint.lhaaud/mis1.0337kb27 Nov 20064.061¤ Psfpoint - Edit tags of PSF music files
rom2gsf.lhaaud/con32kb27 Nov 20064.057¤ Rom2gsf - Convert your GBA music RIP into a GSF file
spsfutils.lhaaud/mis88kb27 Nov 20064.055¤ Spsfutils - Simple PSF Utils
trimgym.lhaaud/mis0.19kb24 Nov 20064.0394¤ Trimgym - Trim_gym trims SEGA Genesis gym music files
sid2wav.lhaaud/con253kb08 Nov 20064.0574¤ Sid2wav - Convert SID tunes to WAV
musepack.lhaaud/mis1.15777kb28 Oct 20064.0324¤ Musepack - Musepack for AmigaOS4
ipodnanotunenetskin.lhaaud/pla/tun1.08kb12 Oct 20064.0586¤ Ipodnanotunenetskin - iPod Nano TuneNet skin
id3ren.lhaaud/mis1.1b076kb03 Oct 20064.0357¤ Id3ren - Id3ren is a ID3 tag editor
malint.lhaaud/mis0.2283kb03 Oct 20064.0313¤ Malint - MPEG Audio stream validator
dt-42.lhaaud/tra0.1.0374kb23 Sep 20064.0515¤ Dt-42 - DT-42 a drum machine with Roland TR-808 sounds.
example_music.zipaud/tra/mil9Mb21 Sep 20064.0590¤ Example_music - Milky Tracker Example Music
milkytracker-basic9xx.aviaud/tra/mil7Mb21 Sep 20064.0753¤ Milkytracker-basic9xx - Milky Tracker Video Tutorial 'Basic 9xx usage'
milkytracker_sinecrafting.zipaud/tra/mil450kb21 Sep 20064.0450¤ Milkytracker_sinecrafting - Milky Tracker Video Tutorial 'Sine Crafting'
milkytutorial.raraud/tra/mil1.027Mb21 Sep 20064.0498¤ Milkytutorial - Milky Tracker Video Tutorial 'General Usage'
strobe_3octaveharmony.zipaud/tra/mil6Mb21 Sep 20064.0333¤ Strobe_3octaveharmony - Milky Tracker Video Tutorial 'Harmony'
strobe_basicchiptracking.zipaud/tra/mil13Mb21 Sep 20064.0364¤ Strobe_basicchiptracking - Milky Tracker Video Tutorial 'Basic Chip Tune'
strobe_cubearptutorial.zipaud/tra/mil4Mb21 Sep 20064.0345¤ Strobe_cubearptutorial - Milky Tracker Video Tutorial 'Arpeggio'
strobe_drumdrawtutorial.zipaud/tra/mil5Mb21 Sep 20064.0373¤ Strobe_drumdrawtutorial - Milky Tracker Video Tutorial 'Drawing Drums'
strobe_resonancetutorial.zipaud/tra/mil5Mb21 Sep 20064.0340¤ Strobe_resonancetutorial - Milky Tracker Video Tutorial 'Resonance'
strobe_slides_porta.zipaud/tra/mil10Mb21 Sep 20064.0341¤ Strobe_slides_porta - Milky Tracker Video Tutorial 'Leads'
xi_-_instruments.raraud/tra/mil16Mb21 Sep 20064.0720¤ Xi_-_instruments - Milky Tracker Starter Sample Pack
vb2rip.lhaaud/mis1.446kb20 Sep 20064.01750¤ Vb2rip - Rip the music from your PSX/PS2 games!
nes_8to1.lhaaud/con12kb20 Sep 20064.0359¤ Nes_8to1 - Converts 8-bit samples to NES's 1-bit format
snd2mid.lhaaud/con52kb20 Sep 20064.0185¤ Snd2mid - Converts NES, GB, MS, GG .SND songs to MIDI.
siddump.lhaaud/mis1.042kb05 Sep 20064.0273¤ Siddump - Output SID-chip & note data out of a .SID-file
goatninja.lhaaud/con1.1121kb05 Sep 20064.0427¤ Goatninja - Convert Goat Tracker 1.x songs to Ninja Tracker
subspace.lzxaud/misv1.2180kb18 Aug 20064.060¤ Subspace - Geiss/G-Force like plugin for AmigaAMP
vspcplay.lhaaud/pla1.3339kb28 Jul 20064.0268¤ Vspcplay - VSPCPlay a Super Nintendo Music Player/Tool.
gmp.lhaaud/pla0.3.0282kb23 Jul 20064.0328¤ Gmp - Game Music Player - Plays video game music
dockscope.lhaaud/mis1.225kb05 Jul 20064.0708¤ Dockscope - DockyScope for TuneNet and AmigaAmp.
blueshift.lhaaud/mis1.127kb01 Jul 20064.0448¤ Blueshift - TuneNet / AmigaAmp Visual WB Scope
widespectrum.lhaaud/mis1.3.252kb19 Jun 20064.070¤ Widespectrum - AmigaAmp Wide Spectum Meter
anotherxg_sf.lhaaud/pla2.129Mb27 May 20064.0753¤ Anotherxg_sf - AnotherXG - soundfont
tunenet-calculator.lhaaud/pla/tun1.03kb26 May 20064.0651¤ Tunenet-calculator - tiny (but comprehensive) skin for TuneNet
ct2mgm_sf.lhaaud/pla2Mb19 May 20064.0593¤ Ct2mgm_sf - A soundfont for programs like TiMidity
miniampdeluxe.lhaaud/mis1.2614kb25 Apr 20064.0324¤ Miniampdeluxe - Deluxe Version of MiniAmp for AMPlifier
tunemod-plug.lhaaud/pla/tunV1.2355kb17 Apr 20064.01086¤ Tunemod-plug - ~25 Mod style Plugins for TuneNet (S3M, FC..)
ahxplay.lhaaud/pla51.273kb15 Apr 20064.0647¤ Ahxplay - Ahxplay.library + command line player
miniamp.lhaaud/mis2.01021kb18 Mar 20064.0440¤ Miniamp - A Small GUI for Use with AmigaAMP or AMPlifier
mixer-steel.lhaaud/mis10kb22 Feb 20064.0538¤ Mixer-steel - Mixer theme
mixer-sweet.lhaaud/mis11kb18 Feb 20064.072¤ Mixer-sweet - Sweet Mixer theme.
mixer-fire.zipaud/mis0.162kb18 Feb 20064.0445¤ Mixer-fire - Brighter Them for Audio-Mixer (A1-AOS4)
mixer-atlantis.zipaud/mis0.237kb13 Feb 20064.0454¤ Mixer-atlantis - Theme for Mixer
mixer-kiwi.zipaud/mis0.149kb13 Feb 20064.0409¤ Mixer-kiwi - Kiwi Theme for MIXER (AOS4)
id3editor.tar.bz2aud/edi1.1106kb31 Jan 20064.0548¤ Id3editor - MP3 tag editor written in perl with Reaction GUI.
mixer-blue_x-fi.zipaud/mis1.09kb12 Jan 20064.0521¤ Mixer-blue_x-fi - Skin Blue X-Fi for OS4 Audio mixer
tunenet-expensive.lhaaud/pla/tun1.1149kb29 Dec 20054.0928¤ Tunenet-expensive - Another Skin for TuneNet v0.7+
mixer-blueskin2.zipaud/mis24kb27 Dec 20054.071¤ Mixer-blueskin2 - Skin Blue2 for OS4 Audio mixer
tunenet-docky.lhaaud/pla/tun1.08kb27 Dec 20054.0913¤ Tunenet-docky - amipal's TuneNet Docky
protracker23.lhaaud/tra0.20423kb06 Dec 20054.01756¤ Protracker23 - Protracker 2.3d rewritten (beta 2)
ahiusr.lhaaud/mis6.0784kb24 Nov 20054.0821¤ Ahiusr - Retargetable audio User's Archive
mixer-blueskin.lhaaud/mis12kb18 Nov 20054.062¤ Mixer-blueskin - Skin Blue for OS4 Audio mixer
freedb_copytracks.lhaaud/mis1.1011kb08 Nov 20054.0593¤ Freedb_copytracks - ARexx script for FreeDB to create MP3 tracks
psidren.lhaaud/mis1.333kb30 Oct 20054.0392¤ Psidren - PSIDRen - Renames PSID's into real name
arnold.lhaaud/mis2Mb22 Oct 20054.0329¤ Arnold - Useless utility which was used in radio shows
dca_avcodec.lhaaud/mis51.1284kb20 Oct 20054.01621¤ Dca_avcodec - DTS Coherent Acoustics decoder
sc68.lhaaud/pla2.3.01Mb17 Oct 20054.0332¤ Sc68 - Plays Atari ST and Amiga music (.sc68 format)
sdl_players.lhaaud/pla1.2.61Mb01 Oct 20054.0449¤ Sdl_players - SDL Music Players
goattracker.lhaaud/tra2.05608kb28 Jul 20054.0665¤ Goattracker - A crossplatform C64 music editor
schism.lhaaud/tra0.2a502kb29 Jun 20054.0670¤ Schism - Schism Tracker, clone of Impulse Tracker (UPDATED)
schism-src.lhaaud/tra0.2a1Mb29 Jun 20054.0301¤ Schism-src - Source codes + makefiles for Schism tracker
showtip.lhaaud/mis1.2a7kb20 Mar 20054.0424¤ Showtip - OS4 ShowTip for SoundFX (SFX)
my_sfx_toolbar.lhaaud/mis1.027kb12 Mar 20054.0290¤ My_sfx_toolbar - An arexx-toolbar for SoundFX. Needs AWN-Pipe.
bladeenc.lhaaud/edi0.94589kb30 Dec 20044.0528¤ Bladeenc - blade mp3 encoder
vorbistools.lhaaud/edi1.0.12Mb29 Dec 20044.0376¤ Vorbistools - OggVorbis tools
proplayer.lhaaud/pla1.383kb13 Nov 20044.088¤ Proplayer - AHI Protracker player
mixerimages.lhaaud/mis3.999997kb05 Nov 20044.0707¤ Mixerimages - Skin for OS4 Audio mixer
faad_library.lhaaud/mis2.12Mb15 Oct 20044.01624¤ Faad_library - OS4 port of libfaad. (AAC Decoder)
ptplay.lhaaud/pla1.235kb04 Oct 20044.0767¤ Ptplay - AHI protracker mod player
pt-player-gui.lhaaud/pla1.449kb02 Oct 20044.0620¤ Pt-player-gui - Protracker Player GUI
rawplay.lhaaud/pla88kb26 Sep 20044.0645¤ Rawplay - Play any file as audio output
sid4amiga.lhaaud/pla3.40b5371kb19 Sep 20044.0643¤ Sid4amiga - Sid4Amiga C64 Music Player
amp.lhaaud/pla0.7.6r1103kb20 Jun 20044.0646¤ Amp - amp 0.7.6 (old) mpeg player.
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