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File Category Version Size Date OS Dls Readme
amiarcadia.lhaemu/gam27.85Mb03 Aug 20214.01¤ AmiArcadia - Signetics-based machines emulator
arabic_console_devicepro2.lhadri/inp1.9Final3Mb30 Jul 20214.111¤ Arabic console - An arabic console device, line & full-page editors
mce.lhagam/uti13.14Mb29 Jul 20214.012¤ MCE - Multi-game Character Editor
cookiemaster.lhanet/bro1.6.02Mb28 Jul 20214.131¤ CookieMaster - Web browser (currently Odyssey) cookie cleaner.
crash.lhadev/uti1.23kb23 Jul 20214.019¤ Crash - "Safely" crashes with purpose - C source included
reportplus.lhauti/mis8.22786kb22 Jul 20214.019¤ Report+ - Multipurpose utility
showfiles.lhauti/she0.99443kb19 Jul 20214.154¤ ShowFiles (sf) - DIR command - sorted & text-formatted file list
picasm.lhadev/cro1.06142kb18 Jul 20214.020¤ picasm - PIC16F84 Assembler for the Amiga
iconverter.lhagra/ico0.899kb18 Jul 20214.025¤ iconverter - Convert WB 1.x/MagicWB icons to NewIcon
witchcleaner.lhanet/mis2.002Mb17 Jul 20214.027¤ Witch Cleaner - Clean temp data from OWB and IBrowse

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 Recent comments

Filename Category Date Comments Comment by
crash.lha dev/uti 28 Jul 2021 5 marko 
dmagnetic.lha gam/adv 28 Jul 2021 1 dettus 
ffmpeg.lha vid/con 25 Jul 2021 38 MickJT 
medplayer_lib.lha lib/aud 22 Jul 2021 4 Spot 
hdaudio_ahi.lha dri/aud 13 Jul 2021 13 geennaam 
night_of_the_zombies.lha gam/fps 11 Jul 2021 5 kas1e 
envy24ht_ahi.lha dri/aud 09 Jul 2021 12 HKvalhe 
lpd.lha net/ser/mis 01 Jul 2021 6 Raziel 
tooltype.lha uti/she 29 Jun 2021 2 jap 
scummvm.lha gam/adv 21 Jun 2021 200 Trgswe 

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07 Sep 2016, The mapparium.lha archive has been removed after a request to do so by the original author.

30 Jun 2015, James Jacobs has added support for creating OS4Depot readme files to the Report+ application.

Download it here: reportplus.lha

Thank you James!

19 May 2015, In case you haven't noticed yet. It's possible to upload files to OS4Depot using anonymous FTP.

You can read up on how to upload and create the required readme file on this page .

02 Apr 2015, To everyone downloading the Diablo 3 archive, April Fools on you! :)

There's no mobile version of it, and I doubt Blizzard will GPL it any time soon :)

A special thanks goes to those of you who sent warning emails about copyright issues ;-)

24 Oct 2014, It's now possible to vote for your favourite files. Just head over to a file's readme page and click the "+1" vote button. The stats page has a new sub page called "Top Voted" where you can see the most voted files.

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